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Parents Surprise Their Older Kids After An Unexpected Call Led To Them Getting A New Baby Girl

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Pruitt family adoption surprise video

Texas Parents Shane and Kasi Pruitt had been working on giving their daughters another baby sister for 10 months but were finally able to deliver on their promise after a phone call led them to a hospital where they could pick her up.

Keeping it a secret in case things turned out poorly, they were able to sneak off to the hospital, pick up their new baby daughter, and surprise their daughters, Raygen and Harper, catching the entire interaction on camera and posting about it online.

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Their parents shared their daughters' adorable reactions to their newly adopted sister.

In August 2017, Shane Pruitt posted a video titled “Our Daughters Reaction To Meeting Their Adopted Baby Sister” — the minute-long clip showed their daughters Raygen and Harper reacting to their mom walking in with a newborn baby daughter they had just adopted.

With Shane in tow behind her, Kasi opens the screen door and enters their home, walking into an empty living room before spotting her kids in the kitchen and saying “What are y’all doing?”

Raygen and Harper appeared to have been prepping some food for cooking in the kitchen, so Kasi asks once more what they’re doing while Shane calls out their names to get their attention.

6-year-old Harper yells out “are you kidding me!?” before Raygen calmly asks “what is that?”

“It’s your new baby sister,” Kasi responds, leading the two girls to start jumping up and down with joy, hugging their mom and sharing in the sweet moment. Raygen starts crying, hugging her mom, and asking her if she can hold her newborn baby sister. Kasi says that of course, she can, while Shane and Raygen talk about how beautiful she is.

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Shane and Kasi Pruitt had been trying to adopt a child for the last 10 months.

According to ABC News, the Pruitts had been going through the adoption process for the last 10 months until July 25, 2017 — the night before Shane’s video was taken. They hadn’t heard anything leading up to the moment when they received a call telling them that there was a baby girl they could adopt at the hospital.

The next morning, they snuck off to the hospital to meet the baby’s birth parents and brought their new baby girl home. Since they didn’t have the time to tell Raygen and Harper or their two other children, 4-year-old Titus and 20-month-old Elliot (both of whom are also adopted), they decided to film the video and surprise them.

That doesn’t mean, however, that they weren’t anticipating this moment. "We knew they'd be excited because they'd been asking about it every day," Shane said, adding that their reactions were “fitting for their personalities.” 

“Harper, we say she’s very spicy [and] Raygen loves to take care of others.”

Shane shared the video on all of their social media and was shocked to learn how quickly it went viral, saying “Out of all of those views probably 200 are of our daughters watching 

“If it shines a lot on adoption and encourages other families to step up and be foster parents or adopt, then that’s the ultimate win,” he said, adding that they feel humbled and excited to now be a family of seven.

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