8 Strict Rules Steph & Ayesha Curry Follow In Their Marriage

They're stronger than ever.

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Steph and Ayesha Curry have one of the most enduring relationships in the NBA world and are one of the sport's most beloved couples.

Aside from being a basketball legend, Steph has upheld a public image as an ideal husband and father.

He supports Ayesha in her culinary and fashion endeavors and is a great dad to their three kids, Riley, Ryan and Canon.

Relationships are hard and with so many celebrity marriages crumbling before our eyes, it’s no small feat that the Currys have been able to maintain their loving connection.


Ayesha and Steph have stuck together through his injuries and career ups and downs, and they have withstood rumors that were meant to break them.

Becoming “relationship goals” takes patience, growth, and maturity.

The Currys have to be on the same page about what they expect from one another in their marriage.


Here are 8 rules Steph and Ayesha Curry follow to keep their marital flame lit.

1. They put God first.

The Currys first met while both were in a church youth group in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Steph was interested in Ayesha but was too shy to do anything about it.

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She had committed to not dating in high school and in an interview with Alan Shipnuck of Parents, via Bleacher Report, "We always laugh that we were both focused on God."

Steph and Ayesha’s commitment to God has not changed with fame and fortune.

Both are Christians and openly share their faith, even hosting a live worship service on Instagram in 2020.


The Curry kids have also been raised in Christianity.

Ayesha shared a video of their son Canon worshiping and a live recording of her daughter, Riley reciting Christian rap.

The couple’s close ties to their faith keep them grounded and true to their marriage.


Religion has been an effective outlet for them when dealing with life’s problems and challenges.

2. They focus on friendship.

In an interview with E! News, Ayesha once said, "We were friends up until I was 19, and I thought we were just friends."

For the first five years of their relationship, the couple just got to know each other.

Each of them was attracted to the other, but because they were young and innocent, they chose not to rush things and to build a solid friendship first.

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Steph and Ayesha still love to have fun with one another.

Whether they are taking in a Kirk Franklin concert on a whim or sitting in the car and talking for hours, the compatibility between them is obvious.


Following them on social media will reveal a life of dancing, singing, taking funny photos, or just spending quality time together. You get the feeling that the Currys are best friends.

3. They remember to go on dates.

As marriages grow and change it’s easy for couples to grow apart and forget about dating.

Steph and Ayesha make sure they continue to keep the relationship fresh by dating as if it were new.

The Currys typically enjoy lowkey date nights in the privacy of their own home wearing sweats or pajamas.

When they do go out, Ayesha has admitted to telling the kids little white lies that allow them to slip away.

The couple have shared photos from their at-home date nights on social media.


They especially love to set up the patio for romantic evenings.

4. They trust each other.

Living in the limelight while maintaining a relationship is hard.

The Curry’s have been no stranger to the rumor mill and have been plagued with speculation about their relationship.

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If they were bothered by the rumors that have popped up over the years, Ayesha and Steph have shown no signs of annoyance.

They know each other and seem to be unbothered by the outside world.

5. They love their kids.

Steph and Ayesha have always been on the same page about having kids and how they want to raise them.


The addition of their three kids has made their bond even stronger.

A quick peek at their Instagram pages will show that the couple continuously spends time with their kids, teaches them about religion, and allows their kids to be their individual selves.

6. They show their appreciation for each other.

Relationships can get mundane after years together, but Steph and Ayesha’s love continues to shine all these years later.

The two are always praising one another and letting the world know why they chose each other.

Steph talks about how smart and beautiful his wife is and never misses a chance to admire her or support her business ventures.

In 2021, Steph got a lot of attention because of the way he looked at his wife at the Met Gala.


Whether you love or hate the Currys, you must admit that whatever they are doing in their marriage is working. Their success is something all married couples can learn from.


7. No phones at the table.

When it comes to spending quality time as a family, the Currys have a strict rule barring phones at the table.

However, both admit that they have a hard time holding each other and the kids accountable. 

Ayesha told Parents, via Cheat Sheet, that her biggest struggle is whenever her little ones do something cute, she wants to capture it on her phone.

Still, Steph and Ayesha realize that the time they spend eating together is special.

They use those moments to talk about what happened during the day, sing songs, tell jokes, and listen to each other.

8. Never go to bed angry.

The Currys have agreed that no matter what happened that day, they will never go to sleep mad at each other.


It is a common belief that falling asleep when you are upset with your mate can make the problem worse.

Communication is the key to overcoming negative feelings so Steph and Ayesha have made a commitment to keep their eyes and ears open in order to nip any problems in the bud. 

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