7 Strict Rules Kourtney Kardashian Made Scott Disick Follow Before & After Their Breakup

They are definitely strict for a reason.

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1. Scott can’t be involved with Kourtney's love life

As will become a bit of a pattern, many of Kardashian’s rules are based on Disick’s past behaviors, such as the rule that demands that he not interfere with Kardashian’s love life.

In a 2017 episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kardashian revealed that she had to put her foot down after Disick’s repeated attempts to intervene in her love life.


She shared that she lashed out and told him she had a boyfriend but wanted him to stay out of it.

In a later episode, she had to reiterate the sentiment after Disick threatened her new man, Younes Bendjima.

“He's threatening me now. He's like, 'Your little friend is gonna get beat up every single day when we're there.' He goes, 'Enjoy yourself. Walking around, you better watch your back.'"


"I said, 'I will actually never speak to you again with your threats, you psychopath,'" she shared. "'If you threaten me and my friends, it's over.”

Disick didn’t take it well when Kardashian started dating her current boyfriend and after several incidents’ where Disick lashed out, Kardashian put her foot down and demanded that he stay out of her business.

2. Scott has to be involved as a father

Both before and since they’re breakup, Kardashian has been clear about wanting Disick to be a great dad.

There were not going to be any half measures according to Kourtney Kardashian, if Disick wanted to be in his children’s lives, then he needed to be involved 100%. 


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Kardashian wants Disick to be there for his children and holds him to a high standard.

3. New girlfriends can’t see the children

Kardashian and Disick got into an argument when Disick wanted to bring his then-girlfriend, Sofia Richie, to see their kids and Kardashian wasn’t having any of it. 


According to an insider, Kourtney Kardashian laid out a new rule after the argument about Disick’s future girlfriends, “She insists that Scott has to be in a serious relationship for at least six months before introducing a girlfriend to the children.”

Richie later seems to have gotten Kardashian’s stamp of approval and even joined the former couple and their kids on vacation while filming their reality TV show.

4. Scott must attend friendly family vacations

Given that both parties are intent on co-parenting their three children, they often have to be around each other when with the kids. 


Part of their responsibilities, according to Kardashian, is that they both have to go on friendly family vacations where they spend time parenting.

5. Kourtney allegedly demanded Scott take regular breathalyzer tests

Given Scott Disick’s difficulty in the past with substance abuse and addiction, Kardashian has made it clear that he could not bring that around the children.

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Following a relapse in 2017, Kardashian allegedly became concerned about Disick possibly being intoxicated around the children and, reportedly, “She is requiring him to take a Breathalyzer test before he takes the kids anywhere by himself.”


6. Disick must enforce dietary restrictions for the children

The children’s health is of paramount concern to Kardashian and so she controls what they are allowed to eat. Kardashian enforces a no-dairy, no-gluten, healthy diet for her children and requires Disick to do the same.

In an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Disick even tried to test these rules by switching out his ex’s healthy foods to see if she would notice.

7. Kourtney banned Scott from partying with his friends

Disick used to go out with a group of friends to wild parties regularly, where he would have a wild time and abuse substances. 


However, during their relationship, Kardashian allegedly wouldn’t tolerate that behavior any longer.

Sources claim that if Disick wanted to continue to have access to the children and Kardashian told him he can’t even contact the people that he used to party with.

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