Roseanne Barr's Daughter Says Her Mom Had Her Kidnapped, Handcuffed & Sent To Woods For 'Being Fat'

Her mom used to pour Coca-Cola on her food to stop her eating.

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Roseanne Barr’s daughter, Jenny Pentland, has joined the long list of people who have spoken out about facilities designed to rehabilitate troubled teens.

Pentland spoke about her experience at a wilderness camp for troubled teens ahead of the release of her new memoir, “This Will Be Funny Later.”

Jenny Pentland says Roseanne Barr sent her to a wilderness camp during her troubled youth.

"I was getting bad grades, and I was mouthy, cutting my arms and smoking cigarettes," Pentland said in a recent interview. "Just depressed."


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Between the ages of 13 and 18, Pentland attended various reform schools, psychiatric institutions and a wilderness boot camp that she says left her with PTSD.

Page Six reports that Pentland thinks the camp was a punishment for “being fat.”

She writes that she was gaining weight due to the stress of her mother’s divorce from her father – Bill Pentland. 

Pentland says that when she reached 250 pounds as a teen, Barr took to pouring Coca-Cola all over her daughter’s food so she wouldn’t eat anymore.

Men kidnapped Pentland during the night when she was 15.

Similar to the experiences of other children who were forced to go to these wilderness camps, the experience was traumatic for Pentland from start to finish.


While sleeping in her Los Angeles home, a group of men entered, placed her in handcuffs, drove her to an airport and took her to Utah. 

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There she was forced to live in the woods for two months and says she ate little more than raisins, peanuts, raw cornmeal and half-cooked beans.

Pentland says she experienced physical abuse at the camp.

She was both a witness and a victim of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of staff members in the facilities she attends – all of which are now closed or under new management.

“The worst abuse I feel I suffered was having my free will removed — the lack of freedom," she says.


Pentland wants to end abuse at wilderness camps. 

"These places are still out there and I want it to stop," she says. "I don't think about what I've lost anymore. I think about what other people are losing right now or what they're going to lose if it doesn't change."

Her story is similar to that of socialite Paris Hilton, who attended a similar camp during her teens and has since become an advocate for changing the legislation around troubled teen facilities. 

Pentland says she has maintained a relationship with her parents and doesn’t seem to have any ill-will towards them now. 

But, she does write that when it comes to parenting her five sons she plans to take a different approach than her mother did.


She recalls a time when one of her teen sons was experiencing some trouble. 

“I thought about what I could do differently than what [my parents] did, and my answer was ‘listen,’” Pentland writes.

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