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Ring Camera Catches Three Moms Stealing All The Halloween Candy From A Family’s Doorstep — But A Neighbor Who Saw It Steps In

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Little children trick or treating on Halloween

A group of mothers were criticized on social media after footage emerged of them on Halloween taking a bunch of candy for themselves. 

In a TikTok video, a content creator with the handle @baldnewsbackup showed Ring camera footage of three mothers ruining Halloween and the candy that was left outside by a family for trick-or-treaters to take.

Three moms were caught stealing a bowl of candy from the front of a house.

"The internet is mad at these moms for taking all of the Halloween candy from this house," he began in his breakdown of the Ring camera footage. To make matters worse, the person who had put the Halloween candy out had left a sign that urged people to only take one piece of candy so that other children would be able to have some too.

In the footage, the three mothers are running up to the front of the house with reusable tote bags where they, and their children, begin stuffing all of the candy that was in the bowl into their bags. In just mere seconds, these mothers cleared out the Halloween bowl before quickly leaving.



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What the mothers failed to realize was that the house they'd stolen candy from belonged to a popular musician named Cody Tate, who posted the footage from his Ring camera on his social media account.

In the comments section, people ridiculed the mothers for acting immature and not leaving any Halloween candy for the rest of the trick-or-treaters that night.

"What do you guys think about the situation? Should these parents get ridiculed for taking all of that candy out of the hands of other people and giving it to their children?" @baldnewsbackup questioned. In response, many people unanimously agreed that the three mothers acted inappropriately.

"Absolutely!! That’s so wrong! They know it was supposed to be one!" one TikTok user pointed out, while another user added, "YES! They are moving so fast and glancing at the door. They are even urging [them] to hurry. They know it's WRONG."

In a follow-up video, the musician's neighbor was seen stepping in to help after the candy was stolen.

In an update to the mothers stealing Halloween candy from a homeowner's doorstep, a neighbor noticed all of the candy being taken and quickly decided to step in and save the day.

"There's an update to the internet disliking these three moms for taking all the candy," @baldnewsbackup explained in a follow-up video. "And it's what this neighbor does because he witnessed the whole thing happen."



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Cody Tate's neighbor, Scott, who is being dubbed the "Halloween MVP," walked over to the front of the house with a bag of his own candy and refilled the bowl. 

"Those moms stole all the candy and left none for the neighborhood. Scott didn't like that, so Scott came over and dropped off some more candy. What do you guys think about Scott?"

In the comments section, people praised Scott for filling back up the empty bowl, especially since he didn't have to fix the mishap that was caused by the parents who took it in the first place.

"Scott, thank you for stepping up, and those moms should be very disappointed in themselves," one TikTok user wrote, while another user added, "I seriously went 'awwww' when he poured the candy in there. What a sweet man."

Without the quick fix from this man's neighbor, the Halloween experience that many young children seemingly look forward to all year would have been ruined. Not only was it selfish to blatantly ignore the sign to take one piece of candy, but there was a clear lack of respect for another person's property. 

moms caught on ring camera stealing halloween candy with their kidsPhoto: Jill Wellington / Pexels

Halloween is a communal celebration, and the three mothers seemed to have little consideration for that aspect. Their actions serve as a reminder of what not to do on Halloween night that can essentially ruin it for everyone else.

The essence of Halloween lies in the excitement that comes from children being able to dress up and receive candy as they go door-to-door, and while it may not seem like such a big deal to some adults, it should still be a positive and memorable celebration for them. 

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