Divorce Attorney Reveals The Professions Most (And Least) Likely To Cheat

Is your job on this list of careers ranked from most to least likely to have an affair?

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If you have concerns that your romantic partner, husband or wife might have an affair someday, it turns out one of the best ways to know might actually be by looking at what career path they've chosen.

All relationships go through their share of ups and downs, and though extramarital affairs are one of the top fears among married couples, it's important to remember that not everyone tries to solve their marital problems by cheating with another man or woman whose bed they can escape to whenever trouble at home is brewing.


While researchers have traditionally had a tough time nailing down a scientifically reliable estimate of how many men and women cheat on their significant others (especially when so many people today have different definitions of what cheating even means), they have been able to establish that certain factors do make some people more likely to be unfaithful than others might be.

Paul K. Piff, a social psychologist at the University of California at Berkeley, found that people of higher socioeconomic status "may be more likely to engage in lying, cheating and other kinds of unethical activity than those in lower classes."


After all, it takes a certain kind of person to cheat on the one they claim to love.

Not everyone can stomach betraying someone who put all of their trust in them. In fact, an overwhelming majority of people have a pretty negative outlook on cheating and infidelity. However, there are definitely people out there who are more prone to cheating on their significant other, at least according to a divorce attorney who's seen her fair share of marriages torn apart by cheating — and it may have to do with their job.

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The divorce attorney named the professions most likely to cheat.

According to an Instagram reel featuring family law attorney Kate Simonds of Simonds Law Group, there are certain professions that she sees as "frequent fliers" when it comes to cheating. 



Nothing against pilots or flight attendants, I’m sure many of them are quite upstanding citizens. However, they have a profession that makes having an affair fairly easy to hide. They’re constantly jetting off to new places and meeting new people that they don't ever have to see again if they don't want to. In addition, life in the aviation industry can get pretty lonely, with those constantly on the road (or rather, in the air) spending countless hours alone in hotel rooms. 

"Being a flight attendant is freaking lonely," one flight attendant admitted in a TikTok. "You're spending every night alone. It's just super, super lonely."





A 2017 study found that almost 23% of military men cheated during a year-long deployment while less than 4% of men are estimated to cheat within a year. 

Nightlife / hospitality

Simonds says bartenders are one of the professions she most often sees cheating. These jobs require long hours and long nights. Bars attract people. Lots of people. Bars also have alcohol. And lots of it. Dancing, bars, alcohol,.. you get the idea.

First responders

According to Simonds, police officers and firefighters are among the most likely professions to cheat.


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The professions most likely to cheat have one major thing in common.

While most jobs allow you to return home at night after a hard days' work, the professions considered most likely to cheat often require those working to be away from home for days at a time. While that's not an excuse for infidelity, it provides a better understanding of why people in these professions tend to have higher rates of infidelity, 

On the other hand, Simonds explained that professions least likely to cheat include accountants, marketers, zookeepers, scientists and pharmacists.



Of course, it's important to keep in mind statistics that can skew these results. For one thing, there are likely far fewer zookeepers than there are firefighters, so the likelihood of a zookeeper seeing a divorce attorney is less probably than a firefighter doing the same.


Further, just because someone has a certain career does not guarantee they're going to cheat — it simply means they may have more opportunities to. As Simonds explained in her video, this is "not legal advice," and it's never wise to turn someone down based on job title alone. 

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