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People React To Paula Abdul’s Edited Holiday Photos — ‘She's In Her 60s Editing Herself To Be 12'

Photo: @paulaabdul / instagram
paula abdul holiday photo

When you’re in the spotlight, it’s hard to maintain that aura of perfection that celebrities are expected to project. 

Especially when you are expected to look forever young while aging.

Maybe this was the reason why Paula Abdul was called out for her edited holiday photos, which made her look like she was a young girl. 

Kathy Hilton hosted her annual Christmas bash this year, where celebrities like Heidi Klum and Jaclyn Smith show out for the holidays.

Paula Abdul was a guest in attendance at Hilton’s party, and she showed off the pictures on Instagram.

However, fans noticed that Abdul looked very different from her recent photos, and some even thought it was her daughter. 

Paula Abdul posted an edited photo to Instagram that had fans questioning whether or not it was her. 

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Abdul's past with cosmetic surgery is no secret to the public.

In 2019, Wendy Williams sat down with Abdul in an interview, where she admitted to going under the knife, according to Star Magazine.

“Women of our age, we start really looking for treatments, aesthetic treatments that resonate,” said the former American Idol judge. 

“I was thinking, I’m going to have my residency, I want to do something, but I wasn’t ready to have the big incisions or a face-lift.”

When Williams asked her what work she had done, she mentioned a few “minimally invasive” procedures.

“So I was trying to navigate and I found this company and they have this procedure that’s called face tight and body tight and what I loved about it is it’s minimally invasive,” the former American Idol judge said. “No noticeable scars. I was out walking around two or three days later.”

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This didn’t stop many folks in the comment section who were still adamant about calling her out. 

"This looks like a completely different person," one commenter said. 

Another wondered, "Did the account get hacked? Who am I even looking at?" 

"Wow. I don't understand this. Everyone knows what you actually look like. The amount of editing here is embarrassingly obvious," someone else wrote under the post.  


On the one hand, it makes sense for Abdul to edit her photos, considering the intense amount of pressure and scrutiny that celebs such as her have to go through.

It is all completely fine as long as she’s not hurting anyone, right?

Well, many of her followers did not think so. Some even accused her of setting a terrible example for young women around their body image.

“Like embrace how you look, you should be proud to age gracefully. Why do you need these extreme filters! You're making young girls and women feel that they need filters that they can't be proud of themselves the way they are and that's very very sad!”

Abdul is just human at the end of the day, and she’s just as susceptible to being insecure about her looks.

Paula, you’re beautiful. There’s no need to edit your photos to the point that people don’t recognize you,” wrote another follower.

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