After Little Girl Gets Straight A's First Year Of School Her Parents Give Her Medical Gifts So She Can Become A Doctor — 'She'll Be 4 Soon, Perfect Time To Start Anatomy & Physiology'

Dr. Summer is set to take on the world!

Summer Smith on TikTok @janylsmithesq / TikTok

A 4-year-old girl named Summer is one step closer to achieving her dream job after getting a gift from her parents after she got straight A’s during her first year of school. Summer’s mom, Janyl Smith, posted a heartwarming video of Summer joyfully opening a present for getting such good grades.

After the little girl got straight A’s at school, her parents gave her medical gifts so she can reach her dream of becoming a doctor.

Smith filmed Summer sitting on the couch, next to her father and baby brother. She stated, “So, you know that we’re very proud that you got straight A's, your first year in school… you’re such a hard worker, sweetie. We’re super proud of you, so we wanted to give you something special.”


Summer grabbed the gift bag, saying an enthusiastic “Thank you” before she even opened the present. When she pulled out the box, she immediately gave the gift a hug — that’s how excited she was to receive it.

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parents give 4 year old daughter medical gifts for her birthdayPhoto: TikTok / @janylsmithesq


Summer’s parents gave her a human body model to learn about anatomy and physiology, as her dream is to be a doctor when she grows up.

“You can make a skeleton with it?” Summer asked. “It teaches you the different parts of the different systems of the body,” her mom answered. “What do you think?”

Summer answered her mom’s question by embracing the box again. “A doctor! I’m gonna be a doctor! This is so I can be a doctor!” she exclaimed, overjoyed. 

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“Yes, this can help you,” her father said. “But I already know the whole part of people’s bodies,” Summer replied. 


Her dad responded with wise words, telling her, “The one important thing about being a doctor, did I ever tell you, is that when you’re a doctor, you never stop learning. You always keep learning.”

Summer asked if she could open her gift, and her parents replied, “Yes.”

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parents give 4 year old daughter medical gifts for her birthdayPhoto: TikTok / @janylsmithesq


In the caption to her post, Smith noted, “When I saw those perfect marks on my baby’s second semester report card you would’ve thought she won the Nobel Prize!”

The mother's pride in her daughter's academic achievements was palpable. Not only did she and her husband openly express how much they support Summer, but they also gave her a present to bolster her desire to learn.

“We had to get Dr. Summer something she would love. She’ll be 4 soon — [a] perfect time to start anatomy and physiology,” Smith continued. 

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While there’s something to be said for letting kids just be kids, and not put undue pressure on them at a young age, it’s also hugely important to encourage kids to aim for their dreams. Summer’s dad is totally right— doctors, and ideally, all people, never actually stop learning.


By encouraging their daughter to stay curious, by utilizing play as a form of education, Summer’s parents are setting their daughter up to succeed.

Whether or not Summer actually becomes a medical professional, or if she decides later on to do something entirely different with her life, her parents’ deep, abiding love, pride, and support will show her that anything is possible. 

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