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Lizzo & Her ‘Mystery’ Boyfriend Hang Out 6 Years Before Going Public With Their Relationship In Resurfaced Video

Photo: Instagram
Lizzo and Myke Wright

Lizzo is making waves on social media after finally going red carpet official with her long-time boyfriend, Myke Wright, whom she’s been spotted with as early as October 2021.

At the FYC event on June 4th for her Amazon Prime Video series, "Watch Out for the Big Grrrls," the singer was spotted taking photos with several of her friends before finally posing with Wright — posting the moments on Instagram later along with a more intimate photo of the pair holding hands in the car.

Who is Lizzo's boyfriend, Myke Wright?

He was a co-host for MTV’s Wonderland series back in 2016, alongside Lizzo.

Although they might not have been dating since 2016, their friendship might date back all those years ago when they co-hosted the series Wonderland, which was a program focused on showcasing hit music through unique live performances.

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“Myke Wright is a fiery stand-up comedian,” reads his description in the promo ad, “but his talents stretch far beyond comedy,” referring to his musical talents and stints in multiple bands.

After the short-lived series ended, Lizzo released her hit song “Good As Hell” and became a breakout star.

He has some acting credits, performing as a comic.

Per his IMDB page, Wright has several acting credits in series like "Laughs," "Adam Devine’s House Party," "How To Be A Grown Up," and Comedy Central’s "Demetrinox."

His Wonderland bio also mentioned that he would crack jokes in between the songs of his band’s performance, adding some meat to Wright’s comic portfolio.

Wright is also a designer and works on architecture and product concepts.

Earlier posts on Wright’s personal Instagram page reveal the more creative side of the comedian’s mind — not that comedy isn’t creative or anything.

His very first post was a design idea of a store, dubbed “the EMLE Shop: Quick Kiosks + Store Front” that he creataed for EMLE — a fashion company.

“I would love to transform abandoned gas stations into experimental, convenient shopping experiences for the community,” he writes.

But he also has some innovative and unique product concepts on his page like a sliding touchpad remote or a portable water bottle with a filter at the bottom that converts air into water.

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These designs are created and procured under a design company, seemingly created by him, that goes by the name of “ümi”.

"My mother would always tell me 'Make Your Life More Than Just Long'. I really took that to heart," he told VoyageLA in an interview, "ümi is about getting all brightest minds together and forming material solutions for the problems humans face."

He likes to dip his hand into a little bit of everything.

“Once you realize how capable you are the opportunities are endless. I enjoy learning new disciplines and ways to express myself,” he said during the interview when asked if chasing his dreams has been a smooth road.

After moving out of his home in Detroit, Michigan to try and make it in LA, Wright found himself turning back into a “novice”.

“It felt good to be a beginner again, in a new city, far from anything recognizable,” he said about LA. “There’s a lot of room for creativity, exploration and imagination.”

Instead of the experience striking fear of failure into his heart, he embraced the new culture and strived to become better at everything that came his way or he wanted to try.

“There was an uncomfortable phase of being a novice that I had to get over,” he said. “Get over my own pride. I embrace it now. I see there’s so much potential in being a beginner. It’s exhilarating.”

Mykee Wright and Lizzo have been dating since October 2021.

After being spotted at a restaurant in Beverly Hills with the singer back in October 2021, many people suspected that he was her new boo and not just some guy she was getting dinner with.

Now, the pair are red carpet and Instagram official. 

Back in April, Lizzo appeared on a Radio Andy interview where Andy Cohen asked her if she was still with the “mystery man,” to which she replied “yeah, whatever, yeah,” seemingly getting bashful about the question.

Now, it appears that Lizzo's confident enough to flaunt her new relationship with the world, and we couldn’t be any happier for her.

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