A Mom Yells At Her Crying Toddler Through A Glass Door After He Locked Her Outside & Gets Major Backlash — 'Some Of Y'all Are A Little Too Sensitive'

What else would a panicked mother do in this situation?

mom gets backlash for yelling at her toddler that locked her out of rhe house @parisssmariee / TikTok

Every parent has a different way of raising their children with their own parenting style. Discipline comes in many shapes and forms; however, it’s something that is necessary for every child. But mom received a ton of backlash for the way she disciplined her toddler. 

A mom on TikTok was shamed for yelling at her toddler after he locked her out of the house.

TikTok mom Paris Marie has gotten vast amounts of backlash after she recorded and posted a video of her yelling at her toddler for locking her out of the house. In her video, she captured her son standing at the door, whining and crying about the situation.


She was heard yelling at him, “Open the door now.” Her son responded and said, “I can’t unlock the garage door.” Her son was seen crying and asking whether she was going to call his dad.

Marie wrote in her caption, “Needless to say I did end up getting in the house through the screen on the back porch to the back door. Oh the memories!”

Marie received tons of hateful comments calling her a “terrible mother” and a “bad parent” for the way she had disciplined her child. 



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The mom was flooded with hateful comments that were so bad she had to make another video addressing the situation.

Marie posted a second video to explain what had happened and to address all the hate. She titled the caption, “I think some of you have trauma and don't know the difference between stern and yelling.” She had an in-video text that called her haters "sensitive."

She began the video by saying, “First of all that was not me yelling... that was me raising my voice in a stern tone to send the message that the situation was serious.”

Marie also included the fact that she did find humor in the situation despite the stress that she was experiencing at the time. She said that she had tried not to laugh and was even smiling throughout the video. She also explained that her son who is now five years old “is the king of producing fake tears."

Marie revealed that she sat her son down to discuss how dangerous being alone in a house is, but proceeded to say that he did it again the same day.




Despite this explanation, she still received hate. Many said that she was still yelling and that her son was afraid of her. There were some users who commended her for her actions and stood up for her, saying, “You were talking loudly but that’s because he may not have heard you if you used your normal voice (glass door).” 

Realistically, her son most likely would not have heard her if she did not raise her voice the way that she did

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Marie's videos sparked a debate about discipline, and what lengths of “punishment” are appropriate for young children.

Many thought she shouldn’t have yelled, while others believed her behavior was necessary.

One person wrote, “Yelling? Are you serious? You must be one of those perfect parents. It’s very dangerous for that baby to be in the house alone. Momma is scared too.”

The dangers of a toddler being left alone in a home by themselves is very concerning. There are chemicals and other things that could injure a child when left unsupervised at a young age.


Parenting is something that differs from parent to parent. For this mom, we don’t know what her life looks like, we just saw two videos that give a glimpse into her daily goings-on. Many might say that her behavior was inappropriate, but if it works for her and her child, there’s nothing to be done.

Parenting is hard. No one is going to contradict that. There will be times when panic or anger will take over and some things may not turn out for the best. But that's life. The best we can do is support and love our children, and hope that they will be alright.

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