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Mom Wants To Use Stepdaughter's College Fund To Pay For Her Son's School Because She Only Has An 'Average' GPA

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A woman is being criticized after asking her husband to spend money meant for his daughter on her son.

Posting to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA) — a forum where users try to figure out if they were wrong or not in an argument that has been bothering them — she explained her decision.

In her Reddit post, the woman, 36, wrote that she has been married to her husband, 37, for the last two years.

She has a son, Noah, 18, from a previous relationship, while he has a daughter, Grace, 17, from another relationship as well.

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Despite her son not being biologically related to her husband, the two get along extremely well.

"My husband considers Noah his son and is in all but his name," she shared.

She added that Noah is a bright student, with a high GPA, plays basketball and football, and volunteers for a charity. 

"Noah has recently received a letter from his dream school and we are all ecstatic about it," she continued, noting that she and her husband have now started to talk about how they will pay for Noah's tuition.

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The woman suggested her husband use the money he saved up for his daughter's tuition to pay for her son's college fees.

She explained that she had been a single mother until she married her husband, and didn't have much saved for Noah to go to college.

Her husband had previously mentioned that he's been "putting away money" for Grace since she was born.

After learning that, and realizing they wouldn't be able to send Noah to his dream school, she asked her husband if he'd use the money set aside for his daughter.

"I asked my husband if we could use that money for Noah, it's enough for all [four] years of his degree."

At first, her husband flat-out refused to spend money meant for his daughter, but the woman argued that Grace "isn't very academically inclined."

"[She has an] average GPA, no extracurriculars, and has even said she's going to the community college close by for the first [two] years."

She added that Grace is only a junior, and they can always "start building up another college fund for her."

After hearing all of that, he decided to talk to his daughter about the idea first.

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The conversation didn't end well, and the man's daughter became upset that he wanted to give away her fund money.

"He said there was screaming involved and included her calling my son and [me] names that I will not be repeating," the woman wrote.

She claimed that Grace had accused her father of cheating on her mother, which the woman laments is "completely false."

"We met [three] years ago, [seven] months after his divorce."

Since the argument, the woman has been receiving an influx of messages from her husband's ex-wife and her family, calling her nasty names.

"My husband is disgusted with his daughter's words and actions, and is pretty upset and down right now," she pointed out.

While she feels bad about causing a rift between Grace and her father, the woman's mother, sister, and aunt are all on her side.

"[They told me] that I did the right thing. That my son deserves that money," she concluded.

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Most people who commented on the woman's Reddit post agreed that she was in the wrong.

"That's Grace's fund, not your son's. Quit it with the entitlement," one user wrote.

"If your son is as academically and athletically gifted as you say he is, then he should be able to get some scholarships. Getting a part-time job is also an option."

Another user added, "Take out a loan for your kid, if he’s so smart he can apply for scholarships. What you don’t do is take away her savings."

"How can you say your son deserves the money? No one deserves money that was meant for someone else. Your son's lack of money for college is not your stepdaughter's problem," a third user chimed in.

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