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'This Event Is Brought To You By Pinterest Fails & The Dollar Store' — Mom Shares The 'Most Hilarious' Kids Birthday Invite

Photo: @not.just.nat / TikTok
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A mother has the Internet cracking up after sharing a birthday party invitation given to her son by one of his classmates. 

The invitation has parents pointing out its accuracy and relatability when it comes to children’s birthday parties and proves just how difficult it can be to perfect when you have a child with endless interests and expectations. 

The mother shared the ‘most hilarious’ kids' birthday party invite, which warned guests to be mindful of their expectations. 

Nat Lele could not help but post the birthday party invitation her son brought home to TikTok in a video that has been viewed nearly 4 million times. As a mother herself, she related to the parents’ words on the invitation which were hilarious yet true. 

The invite read as follows: “Evan, you are invited to [insert child’s name] fifth birthday party. This event is brought to you by Pinterest fails and the Dollar Store, so please, set your expectations appropriately.” 

Photo: @not.just.nat / TikTok 

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“As requested, the theme will be unicorns, but with rainbows and maybe bats, but there should be princesses and also Minnie Mouse and we need dancing lights, so dress accordingly. Please pack a bathing suit, sunscreen, puddle jumpers, etc. in case your sweet baby angels want to decide our original plan sucks and that the pool would be a better time.” 

“If you would like to drop off and run, we support that entirely. If you would like to stay, we will provide adult juice and deny any offers to help to be polite. But deep down, if you want to support, you do you.” 



The birthday party will be held in July and needless to say, Nat and her son Evan will most definitely be attending. “These are my people!” Nat declares. “This is the kind of mom I can be friends with.” 

Other parents in the comments also related to the realistic invitation that all of them would write if they could. “This is incredible. It’s what we’re all thinking when hosting kids' parties,” one mom commented. “I am so here for this! I can’t wait till the invitation Mom finds out how many new besties she now has!” another parent wrote. “Please make sure you get this friend a very good gift.. wrapped in a dollar general bag. The mom will understand,” another TikTok user suggested. 

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Others praised the parents who wrote the invitation for their brutal honesty about how difficult it is to plan a kids’ birthday party and have it appear as easy as it looks on Pinterest. They called for the end of perfecting every detail for children's birthday parties they likely will not even remember. 

“I’m glad a parent is finally lowering the standards/expectations because I’m done with these Pinterest/Instagram-inspired kid parties,” one parent shared. 

This is an idea that Nat is fully on board with. In a follow-up video where she proudly displays the unicorn hat she plans on wearing to the upcoming party, the mother encouraged other parents to put a stop to these “highly curated, highly perfected children’s Pinterest birthday party.” 



Nat assures her followers that she will be posting an update about the birthday party after she and her son attend, adding that she will definitely be bringing some “adult juice” to share. 

“I think we’re gonna hit it off like besties from day one!” she says of the mother who wrote the invitation. She then opens the floor for outfit suggestions to fit in with the rainbow princess, Minnie Mouse, and dancing lights theme. 

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