Mom Wonders If She's 'Failing' Her Kids After Her Sister Points Out How 'Unfortunate Looking' Her Husband & His Family Are

She's concerned her husband's looks will negatively impact their children.

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A mom revealed an honest confession she heard about her husband from a family member that has made her rethink the future of their children.

Posting to the UK-based parenting forum, Mumsnet, she revealed that she and her husband are expecting their first child together. While she's ecstatic about starting this new chapter of her life alongside her husband, a comment from her sister quickly flipped the script.


She wonders if she's 'failing' her kids after her sister pointed out how 'unfortunate-looking' her husband and his family are.

In her post, she explained that she is extremely close with her sister, who she described as being the "nicest person," though a recent statement she made could say otherwise. "I know this comment came out without her thinking," the mom-to-be wrote of her sister.

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She recalled that, recently, she had been speaking with her sister about what she thought the baby would look like upon its arrival. In response, she claimed her sister said, without hesitation, "Hopefully the baby will look like you as you didn't pick the best-looking family to have a baby with."

Immediately after saying that, the mom claimed that her sister tried to backpedal on the insult, hurriedly saying that her brother-in-law might not be the most good-looking man in the room, but his personality is what is important. "There was also a comment on how all of his family are a bit ‘unfortunate looking,'" she continued in her post.

While she admitted that it was her husband's personality she fell for, and their morals and values were aligned, which made her want to spend the rest of her life with him, she's now feeling as if she might have "somewhat failed" her kids by being with him.


"I’m feeling like I’ve somewhat failed my future kids [and] that they’re going to have an upward battle with being ‘unfortunate looking,'" she remarked.

"I’m not sure why I can’t shake it off as I know [my husband] will be a brilliant and devoted father as he is as a husband, and I know that’s more important than my kids being 6ft tall or voted prom queen."

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The standards for beauty are constantly changing, and shouldn't be a factor in choosing who to marry and have children with.

As this mom mentioned in her post, she's aware that her husband will be the best father he can be to their children, which should be enough.


The qualities of being a good father, including being emotionally supportive and being involved in parental responsibilities, will have more of a lasting impact on a family's happiness, stability, and well-being than him being considered conventionally attractive by others.

In the comments section, people encouraged her to not take her sister's comment to heart.

"You would have failed your kids by going with a handsome guy over his personality. Your husband sounds like he will be a good dad," one Mumsnet user pointed out.

Another user added, "Most people are not amazing looking but have pretty good lives. Your husband sounds lovely and terrific in so many ways. Of all the types of human value a person can have, looks are the least. We pretty much all end up fairly unattractive no matter how we start anyway."


"Your baby will be beautiful to you and your [husband]. If you ensure you bring them up to be kind, thoughtful, and confident, they will be beautiful to others, even if their looks don't appeal to your sister," a third user added.

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