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Mom Feels 'Shamed' After Friend Says 'You Seem Like The Type' To Be A Stay-At-Home Mother

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Mom at home with daughter

The 2020 Covid lockdown affected a lot of people, and changed nearly everyone’s life in the United States — entire lifestyles were flipped upside down after everyone had to go home.

For many families layoffs or lack of work meant that many parents ended up opting to stay home and when things started returning back to in-person that’s where a lot of parents stayed.

One mother on Reddit was forced to do the same thing, except now that the lockdown is well behind us and we’re living in a post-covid (in general lifestyle only) world, she’s being shamed for not being able to move above the cards she was dealt.

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She was shamed for being a stay-at-home mother during the lockdown.

Posting to the “r/Parenting” subreddit, the mom revealed that she was “passively mom-shamed” while she was out at a birthday party that her daughter was invited to.

“My daughter got invited to her first birthday party this week and I stayed because I didn't know how she would act,” she writes at the start of her post, providing some context to the situation. “I was standing with a small group of other parents making small talk and one asked me what I did for a living.”

This was when she got to explain her situation — how she was a stay-at-home mom during the lockdown and only recently returned to work as a part-timer at a grocery store.

She claims that she’s only working there until she can find something that better suits her schedule, but another mom in the group didn’t seem to like her answer, and shamed her for it.

“She looked me up and down and said and I quote ‘oh well you seem the like type, I own my own accounting business’ all I could say is ‘that's nice’ and I walked away.”

Very clearly meant to be a dig, the mother did all she could to end the situation right then and there, posting her thoughts about it on Reddit.

“What the hell does that mean, who even says that?” she writes. “Madame's [her daughter] own birthday party is in 2 weeks and in theory, some of these same people will be there. Lord help me I wasn't prepared for this.”

She posted this to see if anyone else agreed with her own assessment — was she being shamed by this mom?

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Everyone agreed that she was being shamed by the other mom.

“That's just embarrassing, for her. No amount of money can cure a lack of good manners,” read the top comment under her post.

“That is a reflection on HER, not you,” another user wrote. “Happiness, yours and your family's, is not based on what other people think or believe.

Your values are that TIME is the most important thing. Her values are that MONEY is the most important thing.”

Many people outright called the woman “a stuck up b--ch,” others were curious what exactly she even meant by her statement.

“What does that even mean??? You seem like you should be a SAHM? You seem like you work in a grocery store? What?!” Another user asked, clearly shocked by the strange woman’s audacity. “Write her off as both awkward and snobby.”

Fortunately, she updated the post and let everyone know that this woman would not be attending her daughter’s party as she was just a family friend, and she also thanked everyone for their kind words.

“I still have no idea what she meant by that comment,” she said.

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