Mom Questions Her Choice To Not Tell Ex That Their Daughter Has Cancer After He Found Out On Facebook

He has been an absent father.

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A mother went to Reddit to ask people whether she is wrong for not telling her ex-husband that their 3-year-old daughter has cancer.

The woman wrote, “We split up in December 2020 after I found out he cheated on me, and since then he has been almost completely absent in my [daughter's] life.”

The woman further explained that her ex-husband constantly berates her and her daughter, doesn’t give much financial support and has even taken to social media to insult the two.


He didn’t even show much concern when their daughter had become quite ill and was taken to the doctor. 

The woman wrote, “I called my ex and was trying to tell him how worried I was, but he told me he didn't care, and hung up.”

After that, the woman decided to not include her ex-husband in any matters related to their daughter.

She didn’t tell her ex that their daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

The woman took her daughter to the hospital once again after she kept feeling sick. 

The woman further wrote, “Blood tests, and other tests were performed, and it turns out she has B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.”


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That was a hard time for her as her daughter underwent numerous tests and treatments.

She wrote, “I've cried more than I've ever cried in my entire life, and seeing her tiny body infested with this horrible disease is almost more than I can handle.”

Her ex found out about his daughter's cancer through Facebook.

The woman then made a Facebook post about her daughter. She mentioned that she’s not friends with her ex or any of his friends on Facebook. However, she had forgotten that she was friends with his sister. 


His sister then saw the post and told him about it. The woman’s ex was livid when he found out about his daughter’s disease through a Facebook post and bombarded the woman's phone with calls and messages.

The woman wrote, “When I opened my messages today, I saw over 20 messages from my ex (and his mother) calling me horrible names.” 

The woman’s ex and his family were angry that she didn’t tell them about it. After that, the woman felt bad for leaving her ex in the dark about the matter and offered if he would like to see their daughter, however, he refused.

Internet users weren’t shy to show bitter feelings towards the ex-husband.

People were in support of the mother and let her know that she didn’t do anything wrong. 


One user wrote, “He made his position very clear about how he feels towards his daughter. Any father would be concerned even over the flu, so he doesn’t deserve to be clued in.”

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Another user wrote, “In an ideal world, he should know about her health status and be involved in her care. But he threw all of that out the window when he insulted her and informed you that he didn't care about her welfare.”

Many people even showed concern for the mother and her daughter in this difficult time. 


One user wrote, “I’m a cancer mom of a sweet kiddo who had b-cell ALL too…Treatment is long and scary and if I can help, please message me…also find Momcology on Facebook.. we also have a subset of Momcology ALL. I’m happy to help.”  

To which, the mom replied, “Oh thank you so much, it's good to hear from another mom who knows what this feels like... She's been put through so much in these two weeks, and I just want to take it away from her.” 

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