Mom Asks If She's Wrong For Banning Mother-In-Law From Spending Time Alone With Her Baby After Catching Her Kissing Infant On The Head

The new mom had strict instructions that no one was allowed to kiss her baby.

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A new mom revealed that she was upset after her mother-in-law refused to abide by her rules concerning her infant daughter.

Posting to the subreddit "r/TwoHotTakes," the woman explained that she and her husband had one strict rule that they wanted all family and friends to follow when it came to interacting with their newborn daughter. However, the woman's mother-in-law chose to break that rule, leading to repercussions.


She banned her mother-in-law from spending time alone with her baby after she kissed the infant on the head.

In her Reddit post, she explained that her nine-month-old daughter had been born prematurely. When she and her husband were finally able to bring their child home, they both agreed upon the strict rule that no one was allowed to kiss their baby for fear of their child getting sick and the transfer of germs.

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"We also both agreed that I will handle the rules and enforcement with my family and [him] with his," she wrote. "My family and my [father-in-law] didn’t have any issues with that, except my [mother-in-law], and one of my [brothers-in-law]."


When the woman's mother-in-law came to visit for a few months, she caught her kissing her daughter on the head, despite the rule. Her mother-in-law immediately clocked her own mistake though, and apologized.

woman bans mother in law from seeing baby after kissing infant on the headPhoto: Reddit

"To avoid conflict and not have an attitude I brush it off and say it’s okay, thinking that would be the end of it. I waited until my husband got back from work and told him what happened. He [talked] to her about it and then things [were] straightened out."


However, during the last few days before her mother-in-law was set to leave, she sent a video compilation of all the photos taken while she was visiting. In one of the photos, the mom noticed that her mother-in-law had taken a picture of her kissing her granddaughter's head.

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"I show my husband the video, at this point, they’re already on the flight home but we agree to address this to when they’ll be up next this summer," she recalled. Eventually, her mother-in-law returned to visit for the summer months, and her husband reiterated the same rules to his mom.

Despite thinking the situation had been nipped in the bud, the woman learned that her mother-in-law told her mom that she planned on kissing her granddaughter when the infant's mom wasn't around.


"The next day I’m watching her like a hawk and she kept trying to kiss her and was blowing in her face. It’s so unhygienic it made my skin crawl," she admitted.

woman bans mother in law from seeing baby after kissing infant on the headPhoto: Smolina Marianna / Shutterstock

Recounting the entire situation to her husband, she insisted that she now doesn't trust her mother-in-law around their daughter and doesn't want her to spend time with the baby unless she's being supervised. "I don’t trust her and she’ll never be left alone with our daughter," she insisted.


Many people agreed that the new mom was entitled to put up boundaries with her mother-in-law regarding her baby.

It's extremely important that not just mothers-in-law but other family members follow rules laid out by new parents concerning the safety of their baby. When parents lay down rules regarding their child's safety, it is an exercise of their parental authority.

Respecting and following these rules is a way of acknowledging and supporting their role as primary caregivers. When parents see that their guidelines are being respected, they are more likely to feel comfortable and confident in leaving their child in the care of others.

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In the comments section, people agreed that the woman's mother-in-law was not respecting her rules and her role as a parent. "As a parent, you set the boundaries for your children. Someone who cannot respect those boundaries is not a safe person for your child to be around. Full stop," one user pointed out.


Another user agreed, writing, "The second that woman started blowing in your face, you should have picked your daughter up and left the room. Seriously. That is so disrespectful."

Following the safety rules established by new parents regarding their baby is of the utmost importance. It ensures the child's well-being, respects parental authority, builds trust, and helps prevent conflicts.

By working together and prioritizing the safety and happiness of the baby, everyone can contribute to creating a loving and secure environment for the newest addition to the family!


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