Model Secretly Films First Date So Bad She Thought 'Is He Performing A Bit Right Now?'

Homemade rap songs, far-right misogyny, conspiracy theories — who says romance is dead?

model kendall kiper worst first date ever @kendallkiper / TikTok

We've all been on that one date that will live on forever as the worst first date in the history of our lives — some of us are even unlucky enough to have an entire compendium of them (and by "some of us," I mean me).

But one woman's recent first date is on a whole other level, zooming from cringe to downright disturbing so fast that it's making the internet's head spin.

Model Kendall Kiper secretly filmed her 'worst first date ever' that was so bad, she at first thought it had to be a joke.

I initially came across Kiper's four-part documentation of her disastrous first date around a week ago, and it was so clavicle-snapping in its cringe, I was sure it had to be staged. But recent updates Kiper has posted to her TikTok account, @kendallkiper, indicate that the date was very, very real — especially since she admitted she herself thought the guy must be "performing a bit" of some kind. If only.


Kiper's documentation of the meet-up starts with her date telling her about his burgeoning rap career and his upcoming single, "Snow Bunny Hunter," which is about his love for dating white women as a way of honoring his white mother. (I think I speak for Kiper and decent people everywhere when I say I truly wish this was a joke, but alas!)



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"It's about my love for white women and everything like that," the man says. "Like my mom didn't immigrate here to this country for me not to be with a white woman."

The look on Kiper's face when he says this, a barely concealed blink of disgusted shock, really says it all, but it's nothing compared to her reaction to hearing the song itself, which the man claims could "go platinum."

The man then moved on to far-right misogynist talking points and conspiracy theories.

"Snow Bunny Hunter" is bad enough. But part two of the date, which Kiper labeled as the point "when I started to lose it," goes from bad to worse so fast it makes your head spin. It begins with her date talking about how "the body is a temple... especially as a girl," and how important it is that women have as few previous sexual partners as possible.



He then asks Kiper her "body count," admitting his is more than 100, but expressing thinly veiled disgust when a shocked Kiper reports that hers is "under 10." "Under 10?" he says in surprise. "Under 10 — too much, you know? Jesus [expletive] Christ." Kiper can only respond by suggesting they get the check because her "stomach hurts."


The next part of Kiper's debacle reveals where her date has gotten these vile and retrograde ideas about the supposed sanctity of white women's sexual purity, and it's exactly what you might have already guessed: "I like Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson." 



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Rogan, the most popular podcaster in the world, has a history of inviting far-right extremists like Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnis and disgraced conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his podcast — not that you'd know it, since he deleted those episodes when he inked his record-breaking deal with Spotify. 


Shapiro is the founder and frontman of The Daily Wire, the online media network home to commentators like Matt Walsh, a self-described "theocratic fascist," while Peterson, a psychologist, spun a previous career appealing to a more measured approach to politics and culture into a one-man crusade for things like "traditional" marriage and gender roles.

All three men are darlings of the far-right, and part of the so-called online "manosphere" that has been shown to radicalize young men into far-right ideologies. All three follow roughly the same pattern, using a nominally reasonable "just asking questions" approach to hot-button issues as a Trojan horse to launder the kind of misogynistic, racist, transphobic and anti-LGBTQ+ takes that used to make a person a pariah.

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The result is men like Kiper's date, who hail women like Kiper as ideal for openly racist reasons in one breath and denigrate them as wanton in the next, then can't understand why they don't get a second date. 

As if that weren't enough, Kiper's date then really took things to a whole new level — with a full-on conspiracy theory. "Men today are just kind of like [b-words], you know?" And why is that, you ask? Well according to this man, it's because, "they're putting stuff in the water to make the frogs gay, they're making everything gay."

Then, after a bit of talk about cryptocurrency, he demanded Kiper split the bill with him because there was no "chemistry" — unless, of course, she wanted to go home with him, in which case he said he'd cover the whole thing. What a charmer.



In an update, Kiper shared how her date has reacted to her videos going viral. Spoiler alert: not well.

"Is this satire? Is he performing a bit right now?" Kiper said of her reaction to her date hitting basically every far-right male cliché there is over the span of a single date. But she said the texts and voice messages she received from the date after seeing her TikToks has convinced her he was very real. 




"I'm in the industry out here and you're ruining my rep," one text reads. "I'm deeply hurt that I'm painted in such a bad light when I'm such a genuine and deep person... I only said those things because I felt that you would feel the same way," he went on to say. 

After telling her that he actually wrote "Snow Bunny Hunter" about her, he proceeded to beg her to take the videos down because people in his life are recognizing his voice in them and he's embarrassed by the virality.

Kiper responded by informing him she would be posting his texts and voice memos as well. "I don't know what else to do," she said, calling the experience her "worst nightmare."


But hey, with a first date this bad, there can be nowhere to go but up... right?

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