Why The Majority Of Gen-Z And Millennial Women Find Men Who Listen To Joe Rogan A 'Turn Off'

Rogan's divisive podcast has become a dealbreaker for many women when it comes to finding a romantic partner.

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Joe Rogan, host of the widely consumed podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience," is often considered a polarizing figure within the entertainment industry. A comedian, commentator, and podcaster, Rogan has carved out a unique niche in the digital realm, amassing an enormous following and wielding significant influence over his listeners. 

While Rogan's podcast has drawn countless devoted fans, it has also faced its fair share of criticism — mostly from women, who have expressed discomfort and disapproval with both Rogan himself and the majority of men who consume his podcast.


A majority of Gen-Z and Millenial women find that it's a 'turn-off' for men to listen to Joe Rogan.

The results emerged from a new poll conducted by Change Research, a Bay Area-based firm, that surveyed 1,033 registered voters between ages 18 and 34 to ask them about their political leanings, dating preferences, the upcoming presidential election, the economy, and cultural trends.

Through the poll, it was found that 55% of women admitted that it was a "turn-off" for a partner to listen to Rogan's podcast. 

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The polling also shed light on significant differences in men's and women’s cultural preferences, with men preferring to consume conservative podcasts like “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “The Ben Shapiro Show,” while women were tuning in to the more left-leaning shows such as “The Daily” by the New York Times and Ira Glass’s “This American Life.”

On top of that, the recent Greta Gerwig film "Barbie" was brought up in the polling, with 53% of women saying that it was off-putting for a potential partner to refuse to see the movie. 

Rogan's podcast has faced accusations of being incredibly problematic and controversial.

On multiple occasions, Rogan has faced criticism for his problematic past and some equally controversial moments that have happened on his podcast. The former "Fear Factor" host was previously called out for saying the N-word and making racist comments in 2022, and suggested during one of his podcast episodes that "you can never be woke enough… it’ll eventually get to [where] white men are not allowed to talk."

Rogan also caught a lot of flack after openly laughing when comedian Joey Diaz, a guest on his podcast, described pressuring women into performing oral sex on him. Rogan deliberately misgendered a transgender MMA fighter, discouraged young people from getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and has featured a wide range of guests on his podcast.


Many of those guests hold controversial or fringe views, and people have argued that by giving a platform to such individuals, Rogan inadvertently legitimizes and amplifies their ideas that are offensive or harmful to marginalized communities. 

Rogan's podcast has also been accused of perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes, such as reinforcing traditional notions of masculinity or downplaying issues that disproportionately affect women, such as gender-based violence or workplace discrimination.

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While many people, including women, find both Rogan and his podcast to be divisive and troublesome, there are others who appreciate Rogan's diverse array of guests and how he uses his platform to have honest and open conversations with different kinds of people.


There can be beauty in choosing to be with someone who doesn't share the same views and opinions as you do.

Just as people have the right to establish preferences in romantic partners, it's important to remember that one's media consumption shouldn't be the sole basis for evaluating how compatible they would be in a relationship. Humans are complex, and compatibility in a relationship can typically involve a broader range of other factors.

For things like Rogan's podcast and even Gerwig's "Barbie" movie, people are allowed to have certain things they enjoy, and other things that they may not enjoy. Dismissing someone solely because they listen to Rogan, or refuse to see the "Barbie" movie, can often overlook an opportunity for constructive conversations and engaging in open dialogue about differing perspectives, which can maybe bridge the gaps in understanding.

In any relationship, conflicts and disagreements are inevitable. Learning how to navigate these differences respectfully and openly is a valuable skill. 

The same can be said for men, as Change Research's poll found that major turn-offs related to women include having no hobbies (60%) and being interested in astrology (41%). Again, there's nothing wrong with trying to understand why your partner is interested in something, even if you personally don't find enjoyment in it. 


Rather than allowing these differences to interfere with romantic partnerships, it can be an opportunity to embrace the diverse interests that many people have, and to hopefully find beauty in how these differences can enrich our lives and relationships.

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