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Man Slammed For Telling Grieving Wife She Doesn’t Need A Mother’s Day Gift Because She’s ‘No Longer A Mom’

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Husband with gift behind his back

In case you didn't know, women who have mothered a child receive Mother’s Day presents on Mother’s Day since they were, at one point, mothers to a child and Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate their motherhood, do you get it?

Well, I wanted to make it clear because apparently, this husband did not understand that and got into a huge fight with his wife after loads of family members and friends gifted her Mother’s Day gifts and he showed up empty-handed.

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As a result, she blew up at him and he tried to act like she was lashing out for no reason, causing her to feel like she messed up.

Now, the internet is slamming her husband for what he told her as his excuse for not getting her a Mother's Day gift.

Whenever someone is unsure about the bout they just walked out of with their significant other, they turn to the one place they know they’ll receive an honest-to-God answer with no bias whatsoever and based solely on personal experience and moral compass — the subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole.”

On this subreddit, which has millions of active members, people come and post their stories of conflicting situations and happenstances, allowing the readers and general Reddit community to apply a rating to the writer and those involved.

The rating is typically one of two: “You’re The A--hole” (YTA) or “Not The A--hole” (NTA).

Pretty straightforward, just like the situation that happened with the mother who made her post, since there’s some important context that was left out.

“I lost my son at the age of 7 [a few] months ago due to illness,” she writes. “My husband is his stepdad. Grief is still pretty much raw for me but I make sure I don't bother others with my ‘burden’.”

The mom is clearly still very shaken up about the situation, as any normal person would be, especially since this would be her first Mother’s Day without him.

“I went out for a walk and came home to find that a lot of family and close friends sent gifts to me to cheer me up,” she continued.

“Some gifts were like [mementos] which really touched [me] hard.”

Like good family members and friends, people still sent her gifts because, for all intents and purposes, she is a mother and will never stop being a mother, but I’m sure you see where this is headed.

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“I noticed that he didn't bring anything but I asked just to make sure,” she explained.

“He told me he intended to not bring a mothers' day gift, I asked why and he didn't feel like I should hear it but I insisted. He [nonchalantly] told me that it's because he thought I'm no longer a mother.”

Her husband claimed that because her son had passed away, he would simply not give her a Mother’s Day gift since “technically” (his words) she wasn’t a mother anymore.

That was when she blew up, and then he told her that she was “lashing out at him for no reason” and that she should control her temper.

Whenever kids get involved, Redditors turn up the heat and take everything much more seriously and personally. So, as you can guess, they ripped him to shreds.

“There is no such thing as being an ex-mom,” said the top comment on the post. “Your husband could turn into an ex-husband, though, and maybe he should.”


“The correct response would be ‘I'm always a mother but I'm no longer your wife’,” read another top comment.


“Super NTA, and your husband is lucky he’s not mine. Those would have been the last words out of his mouth…. I can’t even…..” wrote another comment.

Clearly, this man is not cut out for the role of “husband,” but she will never stop being a mother to her child.

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