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Man Wonders If He Reacted Badly To Another Man Helping His Girlfriend Who Fainted

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Man Wonders If He Reacted Badly To Another Man Helping Girlfriend Who Fainted

A 25-year old man is experiencing relationship struggles following an argument with his 23-year-old girlfriend.

The man posted his recount of events on the “r/AmItheA–hole” subreddit, wondering if he overreacted after learning another man may have unintentionally seen his girlfriend naked when helping her during a medical episode.

The argument took place at his girlfriend's apartment and it also involved his girlfriend’s roommate and her boyfriend, who is referred to as Jeff in the post.

The famous subreddit, “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA) is a forum where users post their experiences, and commenters will give them a rating — ultimately determining if the poster was in the right or not. The two most common ratings are “You’re The A–hole” (YTA) and “Not The A–hole,” though other ratings are used occasionally.

On this specific thread, commenters almost unanimously gave the user a YTA rating. 

The post was so panned that the user received the “biggest a–hole” award for the subreddit's user awards for 2021.

The man begins his post by explaining that his girlfriend, who he calls Lydia, has problems with being alone at night, mentioning that he would sometimes stay on Facetime with her until she fell asleep to help her feel safer.

While the four were eating pizza together, the roommate joked, “if [Lydia] hears a noise in the bathroom, at least it will be a ghost and not her locked-in, passed out.” Confused, he asks Lydia what the joke meant and she responds with “explain later.”

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Lydia later explains that she fainted in the shower earlier that day and that her roommate and Jeff had to break down the door to help her. She said she felt better and tried to brush it off, but he (the poster) insisted that it was a serious concern. But he also asked if Jeff had seen her naked during the incident. Lydia explained that she didn’t know due to being unconscious at the time.

He grew angry at the thought of another man seeing her naked and claimed he had a right to be mad about the situation.

As the argument escalated, it attracted the attention of the roommate and Jeff. Jeff explained that he had just broken the lock and never saw her, instead waiting for the roommate to wrap Lydia in a towel. But he didn’t believe Jeff.

Lydia’s roommate defended Jeff and pointed out that she was right there the entire time.

The man and Jeff then got into a shouting match, which ended with Jeff saying he only helped “because he cared about Lydia” and calling the man “an a–hole who didn’t deserve any type of help.” 

“Hearing him say he cared about her was it for me, I left without as much as looking at Lydia as she begged not to go,” the man wrote.

He ends the post by mentioning that Lydia had to be admitted to the hospital after not feeling well again that weekend and that her roommate and Jeff weren’t allowing him to see her. A later edit says that they agreed to let him see her.

Commenters instantly and harshly criticized the man’s actions. Many pointed out that he should be grateful to Jeff for helping Lydia during a time of crisis.

“YTA. Your girlfriend had a medical emergency, and someone helped,” a top comment wrote. “She could have been seriously injured or even died, and you're worried about if another guy saw her naked? You should be thanking the guy.”

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Others ridiculed the man’s sense of possessiveness and ego in the interaction.

“YTA,” another top comment wrote. “Your girlfriend is in the hospital, how are you even still on this hill? You have some major jealousy issues.”

Many of the commenters were concerned about the man's ability to be in a relationship at all, claiming that his reaction to the situation was unhealthy, toxic, possessive — and even dangerous.

“YTA get some help,” another top comment wrote. “I don’t think you’re emotionally stable enough to be in a healthy relationship right now.”

Being in a relationship takes great love and commitment between both parties, and the Reddit community overwhelmingly decided that the man was in the wrong based on his reaction to the situation. 

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