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Woman Dumps Boyfriend Over The Phone — He Returned The $600 Spa Voucher He Gave Her & Now She's Furious

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Man cancels spa gift card to get back at ex-girlfriend

When a man bought his girlfriend a $600 spa voucher as a Christmas present, he was hoping they could go together for a couple's massage.

She, however, had other ideas. Instead of letting her get both a shot at the single life and a free massage, he decided to take back his gift.

He canceled his ex's spa trip after she dumped him over the phone.

Sharing his story on the subreddit thread, r/pettyrevenge, the man in his late 30s explained how he got a refund on the spa certificate to get even with her.

The man claims his ex dumped him over the phone, which was harsh considering all the time they spent together.

He began his post by revealing that right after they broke up, mutual friends confirmed that she was seeing another man.

“I didn’t confront her about it, because I realize that things just don’t work out sometimes,” he wrote. “It was just the way she went about it that irked me.”

He went on to explain that he felt “like she was getting away with something without feeling even a bit of remorse,” mentioning that aside from the phone call where she broke up with him, there was no follow-up contact.

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The man decided to cancel the expensive couples massage he bought his ex for Christmas without telling her.

He went to the spa and made up a story about how he lost the gift certificate that was actually in the possession of his ex.

“I showed them the receipt (always keep those!) and showed him my credit card charge. They wound up reissuing me a gift card, and canceling the other,” he explained.

A year after canceling her gift, he received an out-of-the-blue call from her. 

His petty revenge was executed perfectly. According to him, she went in to use her gift certificate, only for the spa place to accuse her of stealing. 

“She’s screaming at me over the phone that the gift certificate is no good and the spa place accused her of ‘stealing’ and what a POS I was for reporting it to be such,” he wrote.

“I just politely explained I didn’t think she was deserving of it and if she really wanted to, she could just have Mark (dude she was bangin’) pay for a new one. I then hung up. Gonna make an appointment to use that card with my new GF soon.”

Satisfied with his revenge that was well worth waiting over a year for, he finished his post with a “Mission accomplished.”

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Redditors sided with the man and criticized his ex for being entitled.

One said, “This is hilarious. The funniest part to me is after cheating and not talking for a year she still thought she was going to the spa and later laugh to her friends about her stupid ex paying for her spa date. She probably even did a pre-brag and invited a friend and got embarrassed at the check-in. Good form sir.”

“This is excellent. You deprived her of her spa trip, you embarrassed her publicly, and you made her look like a petty thief. Well done," another commented.

The original poster replied, “Passive, aggressive, petty revenge is the best kind of revenge.”

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