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Man Accused Of Killing Wife After Getting Mistress Pregnant Is Caught Lying About Murder By Her FitBit

Photo: Facebook / Rockville Court
Connie Dabate, Richard Dabate

A second jury selection has begun for the trial of a Connecticut man who was accused of killing his wife after her FitBit activity revealed he lied about her death.

Richard Dabate was due to stand trial for the 2015 murder of Connie Dabate, 39, in 2020 but, after the pandemic delayed proceedings, it was decided that a new jury is needed.

The murder, which occured shortly before Christmas 2015, made headlines after Dabate claimed that a masked intruder with a “voice like Vin Diesel” broke into his home and shot his wife in the head.

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However, even more interest came later when investigators set their sights on Dabate himself.

Connie Dabate’s FitBit revealed Richard Dabate lied about her murder.

On December 23, 2015, police found Dabate in his Ellington home partially tied to a folding chair that had appeared to tip over leaving him on his stomach.

He had superficial stab wounds and minor burns.

Dabate claimed that a masked intruder had broken into his home at around 9am and shot Connie, who was lying dead in the basement.

He alleged that he had escaped by burning the intruder with a butane torch.

The couple’s two children were at school when the incident occured.

However, Connie Dabate’s FitBit watch was still active after the time Richard said she was killed.

According to an arrest affidavit for Dabate, Connie’s Facebook page showed she posted two videos from home nearly 45 minutes after her husband said she was killed.

Prosecutors say Dabate fabricated the robbery story and staged a crime scene after killing his wife.

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Tolland State’s Attorney Matthew Gedansky has said he believes concern about a potential divorce and alienating family and friends may have been a motive for Dabate to commit the murder.

Richard Dabate had reportedly gotten another woman pregnant.

Dabate allegedly had multiple affairs, including a seven year relationship with a woman who was pregnant at the time of Connie’s murder.

A day before the murder, Dabate allegedly wrote to the mistress to say, “I’ll see you tomorrow my little love nugget.”

The unnamed mistress reportedly told police that Dabate had promised her he would divorce Connie, but worried about money and “being rejected by his parents and friends.”

However, Dabate’s lawyer, Trent LaLima, has argued that evidence of the affairs was “just an attempt to dirty up Mr. Dabate’s reputation.”

Dabate remains free on $1 million bail. His sons are reportedly living with other family members.

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