Man Tells His Estranged Wife That She Can Have The House & Everything In It — Then Demolishes It While She's At Work

When this man realized it was the end of the road for his marriage, he took decisive actions.

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Divorces can get crazy, especially when there are children, assets, and betrayals involved.

The ending of a marriage can bring out the worst in people, causing them to act in ways they normally would not. Emotions get the best of everyone, and the situation can become extremely volatile, as it did for one estranged husband and wife.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, a story captioned “In the divorce, woman gets that house, but her ex-husband demolishes it,” the video began with a look at a house that had been reduced to rubble.


After giving his ex-wife their home in the divorce, a man demolished it.

The video, narrated by a neighbor who apparently had inside knowledge, explained that the homeowners were getting a divorce and that the husband had told his soon-to-be ex-wife the night before that she could have the home that the two of them had shared. Unfortunately, what seemed like an amicable concession turned out to be anything but.



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“This morning, he goes and rents some heavy equipment and him and his best friend have been over here today while she has been at work, and she hasn’t got home yet,” the neighbor said.

As he explained what was happening, the camera panned over the devastating scene. What was once what appeared to be a nice-sized home had been demolished and, from the looks of it, could not be put back together. Even as he surveyed the damage, the bitter husband and his friend continued to destroy what was left of the house.

Destroying any property during a divorce can land you in hot water.

Though tearing down the home he had shared with his wife may have been temporarily satisfying to this man, the repercussions for such actions can be substantial. If it happens before the divorce is finalized, the court might issue a loss against the destructive spouse or have to pay for the property that they have destroyed.

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In some cases, once the property has been awarded to one of the divorcing parties, if the other decides to take matters into their own hands and obliterate it, as this man did, they can face criminal charges like destruction of property or vandalism.

As crazy as his actions seem, it's not unheard of for a spouse to go to such extreme measures.

Back in 2015, NBC New York shared the story of a man who rented an excavator and bulldozed the home he and his wife shared. In that particular case, there was no divorce in progress and, according to him, the house was dilapidated and needed to be torn down.

But his wife, the legal owner, had no idea that he was doing it. He was charged with criminal mischief and released from jail on $300 bail.

When it comes to marital relationships, sometimes they simply do not work out. When that happens, it’s better to heal from the trauma and move on with your life.


Seeking revenge can make the potential losses you may have suffered in the divorce seem like a cake walk. The fallout can be devastating to your life, your reputation, and prevent you from moving forward.

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