Mom Sparks Debate After Sharing Lease She Makes Her 18-Year-Old Sign To Live At Home

She claimed it was setting her up for success.

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It can be difficult for parents to find even ground with their children between wanting what's best for them and them the responsibilities they will need to be adults.

One mother on TikTok has sparked a debate for the video she posted about her child who has just turned 18.

The mother received backlash on TikTok when she made her 18-year-old sign a lease to live with her.

TikTok user "c_d_g" posted the video showing her daughter signing the lease while "It's the Hard Knock Life" played in the background, with the video's title being "Its Life." 


Captions on the video read, "When your 18-year-old decides to stay at home." 

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The text on-screen then transitions to "teaching moment" and finally "setting up for success," with her daughter signing the lease. 


Reactions to the video have all been mixed.

The comments under the TikTok ranged from supporting the mother's decision to questioning why she would be doing something like that.

One user commented, "I'm glad my parents love me Lmao," with many in the comment thread saying that she loves her daughter and is only charging her $100 for rent compared to paying two to three thousand for a single-bedroom apartment.

Others replied, saying that this is the girl's home, a place where she should feel safe and always return to find unconditional love.

"My parenting and support also doesn't stop at 18…and my love isn't conditional. Setting my kids up to be successful when they move out is the point," the mom who shared the video responded.


Someone else replied, "unless ur saving that money to give them when they move out no way. I'd like to see an 18yr old have a job pays enough to live in this economy."

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She replied, "Actually our other daughter who is almost 19 has her own place, works, and goes to college."

According to her, these parenting methods seem to work, but for others, it seems like an unorthodox and unfair way to treat your children.

What the mom is doing can be seen as a good thing, but with the lack of affordable housing today and kids returning to their parent's homes during the pandemic, many are still wondering if it's a fair shake.


Some believe this mother is setting her child up for debt, but others think she's doing the right thing and helping her daughter achieve independence when she is ready to move out. 

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