Man Claims 'Girls' Are Responsible For 'Luring' Men Into Making Bad Choices At All Stages Of Their Lives

Men should be held accountable for their own actions.

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Diving deep into Reddit lore, AskAubry on Twitter posted screenshots of someone else’s post from the “r/PurplePillDebate” subreddit. The “purple pill” is supposed to be a combination of the “red pill” and “blue pill,” the former of which was an incel breeding ground and the latter of which made fun of that breeding ground. 

Basically, “r/PurplePillDebate” is a lawless land where you’ll find some majorly unhinged characters, like the man whom AskAubry reposted. He posted what he believed to be an “observation” that women were unknowingly causing men to destroy their own futures.


A man claims that women are at fault for ‘luring’ men into making bad choices in life.

The title of the post reads, “Observation: girls are constantly baiting guys into destroying their own futures at every point in life,” and although it was completely removed from the Reddit page itself, AskAubry was kind enough to post screenshots of it.


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“Let me explain further,” he begins his post. “In high school, certain types of guys tend to be popular with girls, such as drug dealers, athletes, jocks, guys in bands, skaters, e-boys, and party animals.” Basically, anyone with a hobby (except drug dealers; we do not condone breaking the law).

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He claims that these types of guys don’t have promising futures and maybe only 1% of them will end up successful, which is based on absolutely no data except for the beliefs he holds in his own mind. 

He believes that men are trapped into trying to fit into any of these categories in order to be popular with women, but once women mature, they look for financially stable men and wealth. Now, men try to become wealthy in order to appease women, but don’t have “a high-income skillset” since they just spent years trying to... work out?

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The crux of his argument is that “it seems like at every stage of life, girls are subtly encouraging guys to do things that may have negative long-term consequences.”


The man bases his entire argument on men simply doing things in order to please women.

Not only is he basing his entire arguments on men existing solely to chase women, but he also bases them on what he personally believes women are after, calling them “messages” that women send men in order to fit their ideals.

Women do not exist solely to seek out attractive men either — they have their own autonomy. Trying to blame women for constantly sending men messages at various points in their lives is assuming women care that much. In case it needed to be said, they don’t.

man claims women bait men into destroying their own futuresPhoto: @ask_aubry / Twitter


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“During your teens and early 20s, the message is: ‘If you party a lot, do drugs, and act like an edgy guy with no future, you’ll attract girls. But if you focus on developing a high-income skillset, you’re seen as a nerd,’” he claims.

Then, he says, the message is “if you finance an expensive car and spend all your money to appear successful, you’ll attract girls. But if you save money, live within your means, and make wise investments instead of buying an expensive car, you’re seen as a boring undateable brokie.”

This all seems very specific. Is he the undateable brokie, or is he spending all of his money willy-nilly, thus still becoming the undateable brokie? It should be made clear that men are autonomous beings, not unlike women and not unlike all human beings, despite how much the government may try to take that away.


man claims women bait men into destroying their own futuresPhoto: @ask_aubry / Twitter

“So men have ZERO accountability for their own choices?” Aubry asks rhetorically. The answer is no — men are 100% accountable for their own choices. If you make poor decisions in life, you’re the only one at fault.


Attracting women and doing things to attract them should not be your primary goal in life. This is textbook incel behavior and, hopefully, the backlash from this man's post was enough to make him realize that maybe he’s been looking at the world in the wrong way.

Women do not live for men, and men do not live for women. We need to accept responsibility for the actions we make and where they take us — it’s no one’s fault but your own.

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