Man Who Claims His Mom Dated Leonardo DiCaprio Before He Was Born Believes The 48-Year-Old Actor Could Be His Dad

He's an up-and-coming rapper out of the U.K.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Bamy

Does the childless Leonardo DiCaprio actually have a long-lost secret son? Well, one U.K. man purports to be him. 

People claiming to be the children of celebrities is not a new occurrence. Oftentimes people lie to get fame, or in other cases, fans connect the dots for them, like with Ronan Farrow—the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, who some skeptics believe is actually Frank Sinatra's child. Regardless, these theories tend to have to do with the supposed child sharing similar facial features to the celebrity. 


And this U.K. man definitely bears some resemblance! 

He claims his mom dated Leonardo DiCaprio before he was born and now believes the actor could be his dad.

He goes by “Bamy” on music-streaming platforms and TikTok, where he mostly previews snippets of his songs for his aspiring rap career. In a January 2023 video, he shared a photo of a young Leonardo DiCaprio with model Kristen Zang.

It was a press photo from a 1996 Romeo + Juliet premiere, where the young heartthrob was just 21 years old. And his date and then-girlfriend at the time, Zang, was a few months his senior, which shows how far back this event really was!




In text over the video, Bamy wrote, “POV: your mum slept with Leonardo DiCaprio when she was younger, and you’ve never met your dad.”

However, according to an article she wrote for People Magazine, Zang resides in Oregon, not in the U.K., and is married with no mention of children.

So, the mystery birth mother is likely not her. 


But whoever she is, it seems like her genes were not dominant! The young man with slicked-back hair and neck tattoos looks a lot like the Titanic actor.

The two clips of him in the post are set to one of his songs as he poses for the camera, casually dancing. In the hilarious caption, he authored it with a tinge of a Cockney accent.

“My muvva got some explaining to do,” he wrote.

So, is this up-and-coming rapper really a long-lost son of Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, despite the similar features from his wide face to his intense blue eyes, it seems like it might all be a self-promotion attempt.

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People in the comments poked fun at his resemblance to the Hollywood actor.

Users chimed in with more opinions on his resemblance. Some believed his story, while others were quick to dismiss it. So, what’s the truth? Well, besides this video, Bamy hasn’t offered any other evidence of his connection to DiCaprio. On top of that, since the video is set to one of his songs, it seems likely that it was a way to generate views for his single. 

But only time will tell! Perhaps, DiCaprio will come out with a paternity test proving theyre related and reunite the spark he may have had with Bamy’s “muvva” all those years ago.

But for now, it seems like DiCaprio will continue to live as a bachelor with the only young people he has a relationship with being those he’s dating. 


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