Makeup Artist Reveals Her 'Rude' Encounter With Kevin Spacey While Applying Fake Mustache To His Face On Set

"He acted like I didn't even exist."

Kevin Spacey, Makeup artist MikeDotta / Shutterstock, @miss_meggie_pie / TikTok

They say to never meet your idols but one professional makeup artist had no choice in the matter when she secured a job on the set of a film starring Kevin Spacey.

Before the disgraced actor was embroiled in legal battles surrounding numerous allegations of sexual abuse, Spacey was a well-respected film star. But, for TikTok user @miss_meggie_pie, that respect disappeared when she allegedly worked with him.  


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The makeup artist claimed to have a negative experience while working with Kevin Spacey. 

She begins by sharing that while working in the film and television industry as a makeup artist her interactions with celebrities were, for the most part, positive. “You could tell why they were famous,” she says. “They had that magnetism, charisma, they were kind, cool, and you just wanted to be around them.” 

Although, she reveals that not all celebrities rise to fame from being humble. Some of them gained popularity in the industry for their arrogant and displeasing attitudes. She claims that some of these celebrities were actors who starred in films portraying dislikable and “scary” characters and that their personalities aligned with those of the characters they played. 




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One of those actors was allegedly Kevin Spacey, who has starred in numerous troublesome roles. While the woman claimed that she was not Spacey’s personal makeup artist, she once had to fill the role during reshoots on a film when his makeup artist was unable to come back to set. 

The crew was filming reshoots weeks after the original shooting so Spacey’s appearance was drastically different — specifically his facial hair. That is what the makeup artist was tasked with while working on the set and while she says that applying fake stubble was easy, the process is “complicated” given the fact that you need a lot of space to get it done.


Spacey, however, made the entire ordeal difficult after he refused to allow the woman space to work. 

“Mr. Spacey that day needed his space to read the motherf–king newspaper,” she reports. “He had it wide open in his lap like a shield.” This forced the woman to work around the newspaper in order to apply the stubble to Spacey’s face. She claims that he was doing it on purpose. 

“He would turn the page of the newspaper, didn’t act like I even existed just like I’m not even a person,” the makeup artist says. Additionally, Spacey would purposefully shake out the newspaper when she was in the middle of applying his makeup. “F–k Kevin Spacey,” the woman proclaims.

Other TikTok users shared their own personal horror stories about the actor. “I can’t stand Kevin Spacey. He was smoking in a non-smoking restaurant and when the waiter asked him nicely to put out his cigar, he had him fired,” one user revealed.


“I can confirm! My husband is a news photographer and said that Kevin Spacey is the worst,” another user commented. In addition to allegedly having a bitter attitude, Spacey has found himself in some legal issues over the years. 

Spacey has been accused of sexual assault numerous times. 

In 2017 in light of the #MeToo movement taking off, Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of making unwanted advancements toward him at a party in 1986 when he was just 14 years old. The actor was put on trial in October 2022, where the jury found him not guilty in the $40 million civil lawsuit. 

Following Rapp’s claims, a teeanger came forward and alleged that Spacey had groped him in Massachusetts in 2016, and a masseuse accused him of sexual assault in 2019. Both cases have since been dismissed and dropped. Spacey has denied all of the claims against him. 


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