Meet Josie Canseco — Playboy Model, Jose Canseco's Daughter, & Brody Jenner's Rumored New Girlfriend

Brody certainly moved on quickly?

Who Is Josie Canseco? New Details On Playboy Model Rumored To Be Brody Jenner's New Girlfriend Instagram

Brody Jenner isn't letting his split from Kaitlynn Carter get him down, as he's reportedly moved on to a Playboy model who's also the daughter of one of the most famous baseball players of all time.

Who is Josie Canseco, Brody Jenner's girlfriend?

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1. There's some question as to whether Brody Jenner was really married in the first place. 

There's some question as to whether Brody Jenner was really married to Kaitlynn Carter in the first place. The outlet reports that even though Brody and Kaitlynn had a "ceremony" in Bali, there's some question as to whether the proper paperwork was filed to officially make them husband and wife, or if even the marriage was legally binding in the first place.

2. Josie Canseco is only 22 years old. 

Josie Canseco is only 22 years old. Brody Jenner, meanwhile, is 35 years old, making him 13 years her senior. 


3. Brodie and Josie met at a hotel party. 

"Now, the news doesn’t mean anything super-serious is going on between them yet, but they apparently hit it off right away after first meeting during a press tour for The Hills in NYC and have been spending a lot of time together in the weeks ever since. Sources say they’re content to take things “somewhat slow,” but the romantic interest is clear there… so maybe this will go somewhere one day!"  

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4. Josie Canseco is a Playboy model.

Canseco is the daughter of retired Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco, 55. She made her modeling debut in the 2018 Victoria’ Secret fashion show. Canseco posed for Playboy back in 2015, when she was 18 years old. 


5. Brody Jenner admits that he has a "crazy life." 

Shortly after his split from Kaitlynn Carter, Brody Jenner admitted that he was living a "crazy life." The outlet reports that Brody took to Instagram to announce as much, in Spanish no less, after his affair with Josie Canseco was revealed. 

6. The timing of the relationship has some people shaking their heads. 

"News of Jenner's reported new relationship comes just days after his ex, Carter, was spotted kissing Cyrus while the two were on vacation in Italy. The pair were reportedly friends and neighbors in Malibu before becoming romantically involved. Now that their vacation makeout pics have gone viral, Jenner's reported new relationship is making headlines. (Feels like perfect timing to me. Shady!)," says a report.


Whatever the truth of the matter, we hope it all works out for them.

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