Little Boy Goes Door-To-Door To Tell People They Matter — 'You Matter To Someone, Don't Forget That'

Kindness is so important.

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In today's world, compassion and true kindness feel hard to come by. However, when those rare moments do come around, it makes them all the more meaningful, something one woman experienced when checking footage from her doorbell camera.

The woman's doorbell camera caught a little boy going door-to-door with a motivational speech.

A Minnesota mom named Ashley posted a sincere video that showcased a little boy that spoke to her through the security camera on her door and showcased a random act of kindness. The little boy in the video stood outside Ashley’s door as he gave an incredibly inspiring speech.


Before he spoke, he flicked away a bug, pointed at the camera, and began to say, “You matter alright? There’s always going to be somebody that cares about you. You’re a good person, no matter what people say, you matter.”



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When a few boys passing by tried to ding dong ditch her home, the little boy shut them down. 

He responded to their actions and said, “Ignore them, they’re losers, they’re ding dong ditching you and I’m just trying to say something nice.” Before he walked away he said, “Whoever you are, you matter to someone. Keep that in mind, don’t forget that.” 

This short video received over 100k likes with tons of positive comments. One user wrote that “someone gotta let him know that he matters too,” while others agreed that “we need more kind kids in this world.”

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The overarching message of this feel-good video is that kindness truly makes a difference.

It's important to spread kindness, especially in today's era. You never really know who needs it the most or what people are going through. Many users shared that the boy brightened their days and made them feel better about themselves.


Words matter just as much as actions. The next time you tell someone to have a good day, just know that your words mattered and that they'll likely think about the exchange later on. 

Kindness from strangers can help make a significant difference and this young man has a bright and successful future ahead. 

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