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Lawyer Explains Why Joe Jonas Is Doing 'Everything Wrong' In Divorce From Sophie Turner

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A California-based lawyer named Limor used her wide-reaching presence on TikTok to break down the specifics of the ongoing divorce between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. 

In a post from September 22, 2023, Limor addressed how complicated the proceedings in their recently-announced divorce seemed to be. She touched on the lawsuit that Turner filed against Jonas, specifically focusing on Turner’s Hague Convention application.

The family law attorney explained that Joe Jonas is doing ‘everything wrong’ in his divorce from Sophie Turner.

She explained, “Sophie Turner is now saying her kids live in England… Because the United States is one of the many, many countries that are part of the Hague Convention, she is able to file an application to get her children back to England, if she can show that Joe Jonas has illegally abducted them.”



Turner and Jonas have two daughters together: Willa, 3, and Delphine, 1. According to Limor, Turner stated in her pleadings that “‘the girls are both fully involved and integrated in all aspects of daily and cultural life in England.’ She also says Joe will not give her the childrens’ passports.”

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Limor outlined that a major part of the narrative Jonas is spreading in the media is that “he is the more fit parent, and should possibly, maybe have more custody over the kids.”

In making his own statement, Jonas maintained that he’s seeking shared parenting, and that he’s okay with the idea of the kids being raised between the US and the UK. Limor read part of that statement outloud, quoting Jonas’ own words: “‘This is an unfortunate legal disagreement about a marriage that is sadly ending. When language like abduction is used, it is misleading at best, and a serious abuse of the legal system, at worst.’”

Limor asked an imaginary Jonas the question that’s on everyone’s mind: 'If you want shared parenting, why were all those stories out about Sophie?'

She offered her own form of legal guidance to the estranged couple, saying, “Take this all out of the press. Resolve it. Get it over with. Short-term marriage, two very young children. Just stop.”

She advised Turner and Jonas to create a written agreement that outlines where their kids will be “from now through the holidays, and you can discuss again in January what the regular schedule will be.”

In a second post, Limor responded to a question posed by one of her followers: “His statement mentioned that because the divorce was filed in Florida, the kids can’t be taken out of the country. Is that why he filed there?”

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Limor maintained that Turner is going to court because Jonas won’t allow her to go to England with their children. As she explained it, “There is no court in the United States that would allow children of a pending divorce to leave the country without both parents’ consent or a court order.” 



She then detailed the way family court works, stating, “For a court to have jurisdiction over children in a custody case, those children have to reside in the state for the six months before the filing.”

“Joe filed in September,” she said, as the greenscreen behind her shifted to show divorce paperwork. “From October 2022 to April 2022, from Sophie’s Hague Convention application, literally has A through P outlined — this is how many times they’ve moved around.”

She lists off locations where they’ve lived, including New York, Italy, Lake Tahoe, London, and Las Vegas, declaring that the family never actually lived in Florida. 

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The lawyer explained why Jonas was taking the wrong approach in trying to frame Turner as the 'less fit' parent.

“For someone like Joe Jonas, an entertainer who goes on tour to multiple states, multiple countries, to not give consent for his children to go to England… for someone who is an entertainer and consistently moves around, not to give consent for your kids to go somewhere with their mom, is ridiculous.” 

“What if she did that to you?” Limor posed the rhetorical question to an imagined Jonas. “They would never have been able to go on tour with you.”

She then stated, “In my opinion, as a family law attorney for the past 10 years, Sophie allowing the children to go on tour with their dad shows me that she puts their interests first. Because if she’s filming somewhere, she’s away all day. He was going on tour, [he] could spend part of each day with the kids. He had the nanny. And at the end of her filming, they were supposed to go back with her, and that’s when Joe filed.”

Limor shared her opinion that Turner is trying to do what’s best for their kids, while Jonas is putting his own needs first, saying, “This just tells me Sophie is not trying to make things harder than they need to be. A mom allowing her children to go on tour with their dad — This could be a cakewalk, if he would just allow it to be.”

Limor ended her analysis by highlighting the custody disagreements as “a sad, sad situation,” noting, “The children are so young. This family could potentially be in and out of court for the next 17 years. And, of course, the drama could last their entire lives.”

As children of parents going through a divorce, Turner and Jonas’ daughters will be subject to major changes in their daily lives, ones that could easily lead them to feeling imbalanced and unsettled. 

In an idealized version of a divorce, parents would center their kids’ needs over being the party who remains in control. Yet the legal proceedings between Turner and Jonas showcase the inherent complexity of custody conflicts. 

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