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Kris Jenner Reveals The Origin Of All Her Children's Names

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Kris Jenner, The Kardashians

One of the greatest celebrity mysteries was finally revealed after the most recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians.”

Kris Jenner, the momager of the Kardashian family, finally told the world how she decided to name all of her children and how they all ended up with K names (sorry Rob.)

How did Kris Jenner pick her kids’ names?

The world has always been baffled by Jenner’s choices in naming her six children — wondering why most of them began with a K and why Rob Kardashian never got the same treatment his sisters did.

Jenner reveals that it all started with Kourtney.



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“I loved the name ‘Kourtney,’” she said. “And then I thought, ‘It would be really interesting to put a “K” on it.’ So that was easy.”

Considering Jenner was born with a K name herself, she probably wanted her kids to follow in the family tradition, moving on to naming Kim next.

“Christmas is my favorite day of the year, and I loved the name ‘Noel,’ so that was going to be, maybe her name?” she said. “But then, it didn’t start with a ‘K’ and ‘Koel’ sounded really weird so it was ‘Kimberly Noel.”

Someone in the comments of a TikTok posted by @thedallasryan wrote that she still could have used the name Noel — spelled as “Knoel” with a silent “K.”

With two kids down, surely she would get the hang of choosing “K” names for the rest of her children, with Khloe coming up next.

“I loved Chloé the designer,” Jenner continues, despite the designer behind the luxury brand “Chloé” being named Gaby Aghion.

“And then I tried Chloe with a ‘K’ and that was really good too.”

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Three names down and Kris was nowhere near stopping.

She was forced to commit to the “K” names for all her daughters as she moved on to her next husband and gave birth to two more.

“‘Kendall’ was going to be ‘Kennedy’, or ‘Cameron’ with a ‘K,’ and then Kylie. Kylie!” she continues. “I mean at some point you just run out of ‘K’ names, I mean truly.”

With all of her daughters out of the way, Kris explained the origin behind her only son’s name, Robert.

“Robert is Robert George Kardashian…no! Sorry, sorry, Robert Arthur Kardashian,” Kris laughs as she mixes up her own son’s name with his father. “I didn’t even know my child’s name.”

“This is so confusing, can anybody keep up with this?”

Apparently, fans are “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” better than Kris is.

One fan shares “I thought Kylie’s name was going to be Kennedy according to her tik tok,” referring to a second TikTok account created by Kylie in which she claims Kennedy was going to be her other name.

Another fan claims “i thought kendall was gonna be juliet.”

Although Rob is often the center of the Kardashian sibling jokes, one fan noticed that there may be a reason his name begins with an “R” instead of a “K.”

“K because of Kris, R because of Robert,” wrote one user. “If it were more boys, more would start with an R or a B. B Because Of Bruce,” referring to Kris’s second husband who now goes by Caitlyn.

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