Kim Kardashian Called Out For Altering Michael Jackson’s Real Jacket For North West To Wear

She did pay for it.

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Amid debates between fans and critics about Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe's dress to the Met Gala, Kardashian is also being blasted for altering another icon's clothing.

Kardashian is at the center of criticism after photos were released that possibly show the damage she did to Monroe's dress by wearing it to the gala.

While it is not known whether Kardashian herself caused the damage or if it happened while the dress was in transit, the "SKIMS" is being blamed.


But fans have noted that this isn't the first time Kardashian was accused of altering a piece of history.

Kim Kardashian altered Michael Jackson's iconic jacket for her daughter to wear.

Kardashian bought Jackson’s iconic jacket at an auction as a Christmas present for her daughter, North in 2019.

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Jackson wore the black velvet jacket at Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday back in 1997 and at the premiere of his movie, “Ghosts”.


When Kardashian bought the jacket, she mentioned on her Instagram that North is a big fan of Jackson so she got it for her. However, she had it altered so it could fit North.

One fan posted a picture of the jacket on Reddit where many internet users shared their opinions. Many people mentioned the damage Kardashian caused to Monroe’s dress and called her out for doing something similar in the past.

One user wrote, “Wtf is wrong with her? She’s obsessed with leeching off of icon’s legacies.”

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Another user wrote, “Literally, it feels wrong to sell someone's clothes after they died especially when they have family who could hold onto their personal belongings.”


Some people also brought up the issue of Kardashian altering Jackson's jacket after she borrowed Monroe's dress. 

Devoted fans defended Kim Kardashian claiming she didn’t do anything wrong.

There were many people who didn’t see anything wrong with Kardashian buying or altering Jackson’s jacket.


One user wrote, “I don’t see the issue with this. It was auctioned. There was no one else looking to keep and preserve it. It’s a jacket and probably will be sentimental to North in the future. I don’t see why anyone would care.”

Another person also mentioned Monroe’s iconic dress and insisted that the two situations are quite different. 

They wrote, “This feels different than the Marilyn dress for a couple of reasons. Michael wore this to some premier. It wasn’t like an iconic outfit of his or anything. Kinda like Marilyn’s green dress that Kim wore to the MET after party.”


Another person also defended Kardashian claiming that the jacket belongs to her as she bought it at an auction.

They commented, “I mean if it was auctioned then I don't see how anyone could complain. If you’re concerned about what happens after the garment leaves your hands, don’t auction it. She bought it fair and square, it's hers now.”

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