Kim Kardashian's Ex-Employee Talks Meeting Her ‘Go-To Cosmetic Injector’ After Star Denies Having Filler

She's exposing what work Kim has had done.

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Kim Kardashian is facing some intense backlash after a recent Allure interview in which she denied ever having lip and cheek filler and downplayed her cosmetic enhancements.

In the Allure article, Kardashian claimed the only thing she had in her face at the time of the interview was "a little bit of botox."

Even after being pressed for details Kardashian denied getting filler and eyelash extensions, and insisted that her look was "attainable."


However, fans and critics have slammed Kardashian for her distortion of the truth — including one writer and former Kardashian employee who claims to have met the professional behind Kardashian's face.

Kim Kardashian is being accused of lying about not getting fillers.

Jessica DeFino, a beauty editor who formerly worked as an assistant editor on the Kardashian sisters' apps, slammed the article and Kardashian for lying about cosmetic procedures.

"Remembering that time I was on a press trip with an Allure editor and Kim's go-to cosmetic injector," DeFino wrote in a tweet.

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"The injector told us everything she's done to Kim's face, of the record. Obviously, I understand the site can't publish that, but it shouldn't publish f—ing lies either."

DeFino went on to call out the publication for exploiting their audience by adding to a false narrative about how we can all look like Kardashian.


DeFino explains how beauty companies and publishers work together to inconspicuously and often unknowingly "seed oppressive, extractive standards throughout society."

Both these publishers and companies directly profit off the lies Kardashian is spinning.


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From a position of power, Kardashian is claiming to espouse knowledge about beauty while taking no accountability for the social implications of her words.

"I care. I really, genuinely care about looking good," Kardashian tells Allure.


"I probably care more than 90 percent of the people on this planet. It's not easy when you're a mom and you're exhausted at the end of the day, or you're in school, and I'm all of the above."

The implication that one has to force oneself to look a certain way is utterly irresponsible.

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Kardashian is adding to a narrative she has been crafting around herself for years — if you think you can't look like her, you're just not trying hard enough. But she has consistently downplayed the reality of how she achieves her image.

Though it is not entirely her fault, Kardashian is the beauty standard. That's not to say she should have to stop looking the way she does but she could, at the very least, stop implying that the rest of it could do it if we wanted to.


Studies prove that Kardashians are indirectly causing body image issues.

A study conducted by Toronto's York University found that "slim-thick" imagery online causes more body dissatisfaction amongst young women.

The study mentions Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner as influencers contributing to women's discontent with their bodies because of online content.



While body acceptance has changed over the years, the study found that curvy imagery "is not a positive alternative" to thinness years prior.


It can be considered more dangerous to promote, especially for women who don't desire thinness but would rather have curves.

The research article concluded, "Young women who are highly perfectionistic about their appearance, ruminate and worry about having an imperfect appearance, and who strive for a perfect appearance are relatively more vulnerable to appearance and weight dissatisfaction and low body satisfaction after comparing themselves to slim-thick-ideal imagery than to thin- or fit-ideal imagery."

What Allure decided to publish is more of a gaslighting article where Kardashian denies having filler or anything to alter her appearance.


It would have been more appropriate to explain what she has done to obtain this beauty standard rather than hide it and think we can't see the lies.

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