Kelsey Grammer Defends Decision To Bring Baby To Playboy Mansion— 'We Don't Have A Nanny'

His 3-month-old daughter spent her first Halloween at the Playboy Mansion.

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Kelsey Grammer is the father of 7 children, ranging in age from 39 years old to 10 years old. The 68-year-old actor gained fame for his role as the psychologist Frasier Crane on the sitcoms Cheers and its spin-off, Frasier. In 2012, Grammer made the controversial parenting decision to bring his newborn daughter to the Playboy Mansion.

Grammer defended his decision to bring his baby to the Playboy Mansion by explaining, ‘We don’t have a nanny.’

Most parents support the value of date nights, which can be viewed as a form of self-care for married couples with children, and a way to keep their relationships strong and healthy. But most parents don’t get invited to Hugh Hefner’s infamous Halloween parties, either.


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Grammer originally made a statement to E! News that he and his wife Kayte Walsh brought their 3-and-a-half-month-old daughter Faith because “Kayte is breastfeeding, and we don’t have a nanny or trusted babysitter at this time.”

“Faith goes everywhere with us,” Grammer continued. He doubled down on his defense of their family evening out, stating, "We enjoyed the party with a few of our friends, the baby slept as her ears were covered the entire time and we left shortly after midnight."


A photograph of the new parents showed Grammer smiling in a Dracula costume. Walsh was pictured dressed in black with a bandage on her nose. Their baby wasn’t featured in the photograph. Grammer explained their Halloween looks, saying that Walsh’s “hat was missing as she had removed it because her wig was itching and it was hot.” He described his own costume as “an uninspired Dracula.”

"We enjoyed the evening. We love our child,” Grammer claimed in his statement, before seemingly losing the thread of whatever point he was making. "Kayte is my wife and lady love. The world is round. All our eyes are blue. Happy Halloween and Cock-a-doodle-doo!"

Newborn babies are portable if nothing else, and it’s valuable to introduce them to new environments and stimulate their development, yet one wonders if the Playboy Mansion is the right place for a baby to be.

In 2022, Jennifer Sanginor, the daughter of Hugh Hefner’s personal physician Dr. Mark Sanginor, spoke to the Daily Mail about the “secret, dark side of the Playboy enterprise.” In her account of the Playboy Mansion, Sanginor explained that “teenage girls as young as 16 were trafficked, drugged, beaten, groomed for prostitution, and raped at 'mini mansions' owned by Hugh Hefner's friends.”

Sanignor’s friend and Playboy Mansion regular Jackie Hatten explained, “The girls are destitute, so the next best thing is they're getting paid to go out escorting to make ends meet. They're trapped. The only way to survive is [to] continue this vicious cycle.”


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“Men from Hef's inner circle ran fake modeling agencies and housed young women, who had hopes of becoming rich and famous. These men were trying to replicate Hef's Playboy Mansion by creating their own mini-mansion. Though these men were in Hef's inner circle, Hef would distance himself from these mini-mansions. He rarely attended these parties,” Hatten stated. 

“These men were very wealthy and connected in entertainment, politics, and sports. They hosted massive parties under the guise of fake modeling agencies, hosted by sponsors so they seemed legit. The young girls who were a part of the mini mansions did not realize they were being groomed to become high-class escorts. Many became addicted to drugs, threatened and blackmailed.”


The National Human Trafficking Hotline is, in their own words, “one of the most extensive data sets on the issue of human trafficking in the United States. The statistics contained on this website are based on

While parents are often the best judge of the environment for their children, given society's knowledge of what happens at the Playboy Mansion, it doesn’t seem like the best place to bring a newborn.

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