YouTuber Accused Of Faking His Disappearance In Amazon Rainforest

He was supposed to update fans on October 13.

Joe Weller Instagram

After rumors circulated that Joe Weller has been missing in the Amazon rainforest, the YouTuber has assured fans he is safe — but not everyone is buying his story.

The 26-year-old posted to his Instagram on September 28 announcing that he and his friend would be going to the Amazon Rainforest for 12 days straight. 

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“Heading to the Amazon Rainforest today to survive in the jungle for 12 days straight and document the whole thing for our new YouTube series," the caption read.

"We’ll have to hunt all our food, find water and build shelter. There’ll be no phone signal, so if you haven’t heard from us by 13th October then we’ve f–ked it."

However, after failing to give an update on October 13, concern and suspicion grew.


Joe Weller has been accused of faking his Amazon rainforest disappearance.

On October 19, over a week after Weller was expected to update fans, popular drama YouTuber Keemstar raised concerns that his fellow influencer was in danger.

“Fans are concerned Joe has been missing after a 12 day trip in the Amazon Rainforest. (It’s been 21 days) #DramaAlert has just started looking into this & will update as soon as we have more info,” Keemstar wrote. 


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However, fans were quick to reply underneath the Twitter post that something fishy was going on. 

Multiple replies underneath the post pointed out that Joe Weller’s Instagram account was seen liking his sister’s posts only four days ago. 

“He liked his sisters pic he’s capping,” a user commented. 


However, another user pointed out that if you look at his sister’s post again, Weller’s like seems to be missing. 

“People are all spreading the same screenshot of him liking his sister’s post. Nobody has an original one. This is because it was faked, or he unliked the post,” the user wrote. 

Joe Weller confirmed that he is alive and safe.

Now, Weller has seemingly resurfaced, posting to Twitter on October 20 that he is alive and well — and a video will be posted about the experience.

Fans were quick to call him out underneath the post for worrying them and seemingly faking his disappearance — though Weller never stated he was missing.


“Bro really baited his death to stay relevant and still thinks we're gonna watch his video,” one user said. 

Weller has yet to comment on the situation.

Weller is a popular fitness and comedic YouTuber who also dabbles in the music scene. His YouTube channel has 5.32 million subscribers and is mostly known for his boxing videos and his fitness journey.

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