Jennifer Lopez Visited Her Old Childhood Home But The Current Owner Had No Clue Who She Is

Jenny from the block showed us exactly which block she came from and was in for a humble awakening.

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A clip of American actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez, visiting her childhood home has resurfaced after the visit became more of a humbling experience rather than a sentimental one for her.

As she walks by the house, the current owner steps out and notices Lopez and the camera crew behind her. His response was clearly not one she was expecting. 

The current owner of Jennifer Lopez’s childhood home didn't recognize her and had no idea who she was. 

Lopez, also known as J.Lo, was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in its Castle Hill neighborhood with her parents and two sisters. She moved away from home when she was 18. 


In September 2014 while Lopez was a judge on the reality series “American Idol,” she decided to take a trip down memory lane and take her camera crew along with her. She visited the neighborhood she grew up in and stopped by her old school and caught up with friends, accompanied by her sister, Lynda Lopez.

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She then decided to stroll past her childhood home on Castle Hill Avenue. As she approached the front porch, the home’s current owner stepped outside. “I used to live here,” Lopez tells him. The man, clearly oblivious to who he is talking to appears to be confused. 


“What is your name?” he asks the pop star. “My name is Jennifer,” she tells him, expecting him to recognize her. Still, he has no clue. “Jennifer who?” he says. 

“Jennifer Lopez,” she clarifies, certainly believing that even if the man didn’t recognize her face, he would know the name. He did not. 

“Who’s Jennnifer Lopez?” he asks. “Me!” she answers, being the confused one at this point since the man still hasn’t pieced together who he is talking to. The cameras continue to roll for a few more incredibly awkward moments before J.Lo continues up the street. 

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The footage is nearly 10 years old but has recently resurfaced.

The resurfaced clip regained popularity on social media apps and people cannot get over the awkward interaction.

“When celebrities realize they are not as important as they think,” one person commented. “Jenny from the block got her a–- humbled,” another person wrote.

“Glad some people have a life outside pop culture. The arrogant way she said Jennifer Lopez...thinking he would know her straight away. Bless that guy,” another added.

Lopez has a track record of being arrogant and rude to people she encounters. She is notoriously known for poorly tipping wait staff, ignoring people who are not in her inner circle when they speak to her, and forcing her staff to work long hours with little breaks.


If any celebrity were in need of a brutal reality check that they are not as significant and powerful as they perceive themselves to be, it would have been her.

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