Woman Does ‘Wifey Stuff’ For Guy She’s Been Dating For A Week To See How Fast She Can Scare Him Off

"How to lose a guy in 30 seconds."

tiktoker @mammaalivinn plays prank on date TikTok

The first stages of dating someone are always awkward. It’s hard to know what moves to make and if you are moving too fast or too slow.

According to sexologist Emily Morse, the first week of a new relationship is supposed to be the first contact and possibly the second and third dates.

TikTok user Markiesha decided to blow right past the first stages with a prank reminiscent of 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.'

She shared the experience in a video, calling the guy she's been talking to "for a solid week" on the phone, telling him through multiple breaks of laughter that she booked him a dentist appointment. “You booked one for me?” he asked in confusion. Through more sniggering, Markiesha answered yes, she just wanted to be “proactive.” 


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He asked if his teeth were terrible and continued to be bewildered by the interaction. Markiesha said that she loved his teeth but was at the dentist so she thought she would book one for him too. Surprisingly, he said it was sweet of her to do so and then asked if she was messing with him. “No, I just love you… just doing wifey things, ya know?” Markiesha responded.



Later in the video to keep the prank going, Markiesha told her already confused partner that she booked them a family photo shoot and already had their outfits picked out. He surprisingly said that he hoped the outfits were matching. When she confirmed that they were, he said "thank god" because he wouldn't do it otherwise. 


At this point, it was clear that the guy knew it was all a prank. 

He continued to go along with the prank by agreeing to move in with Markiesha. “If you need any other appointments booked, I got you, babe,” Markiesha said through her giggles. He responded with a laugh too and even mentioned that the dentist appointment would actually work because he needed one. "So if you could get right on that, that would be great,” he answered in good humor. 

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Users in the comments rallied around their relationship.

One user said that Markiesha was going to marry him. A second user said “Is this what a green flag looks like? Because this is the calmest, sweetest thing ever.” Markiesha replied to this by saying that he is all green flags.


comments to woman pranking man with wifey stuffPhoto: TikTok / @mammaalivinn

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According to an article in The Guardian, it's a green flag if your significant other is not afraid to talk about the future, even early on in the relationship. Another green flag is if you are able to laugh a lot together with your date. 


Judging from this TikTok, it appears that this man has several green flags, as Markiesha mentioned! This guy was an incredible sport through the prank and showed Markiesha that he is a keeper.

We side with the people in the comments and are definitely rooting for this relationship too.

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