TikToker Hunter Echo 'Admits' To Grooming Underage Millie Bobby Brown, Sharing Explicit Details On Instagram

What did Hunter Echo say about Millie Bobby Brown when he went live on Instagram?

Millie Bobby Brown and Hunter Echo Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images/Hunter Echo/Instagram

On June 12th, 2021, the anonymous admin behind an Instagram account called exposinghunterecho started posting images, videos and screenshots exposing the questionable relationship between model and TikToker Hunter Echo and "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown.

When the two began a relationship, Echo, who's real name is Hunter Ecimovic, claims involved at least some sexual activity, the actress was 16 years old and he was 20. She is now 17 and he is 21.


The first post to the account is captioned: "Millie was 16 and he was 20 and he groomed her @hunter_echo you are going down."

Echo soon went live on Instagram, seemingly attempting to brush the brewing scandal off, but in reality, the things he said raised even more questions, including why he "admitted" to grooming her.

What did Hunter Echo say about Millie Bobby Brown?

Over the course of about 10 minutes, Echo went live on Instagram, attempting to defend himself while multiple inflammatory statements about his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown, including explicit references to sexual activity between them.


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Echo said everything that happened between himself and Millie Bobby Brown was "completely legal."

Responding to someone who told him to "keep digging your grave," Echo stated, "Like i said guys, I'm not digging no grave because everything that I did was completely legal and it was approved by everybody that I was with."

While the federal age of consent is 18 years old, individual states don’t have to abide by that.


In California, where Hunter Echo lives, the age of consent is 18, which means a sexual relationship between him and Millie Bobby Brown would be considered either a misdemeanor or felony there, depending on the details. It should also be noted that California does not have a Romeo and Juliet law preventing prosecution when "both parties are very close in age to one another."

However, Millie Bobby Brown lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where the age of consent is 16.

Echo revealed that he lived with Brown and her family there for eight months, claiming her parents knew all about their relationship — which doesn’t make it any better.

Echo said Millie Bobby Brown "knew how to" perform oral sex.

The TikToker made several explicit remarks in response to comments and questions about his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown.


"Someone said I kissed her a**, bro," Echo said. "I ate her a**."

An unnamed woman the TikToker referred to as his sister was on the Instagram live with him and made fun of people referring to Brown as a child, saying, “She’s just a child, she’s just a child. Yeah, well, that child knew how to suck d***."

Hunter Echo laughed at his sister's remark, then disgustingly agreed.

“She did," he said. "She knew how to suck that d*** and eat that a**.”

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Echo mocked Millie Bobby Brown's role on "Stranger Things."

At another point during the stream he flipped the script, claiming Brown tricked, manipulated and "used her powers" on him — mocking her role on "Stranger Things."

Echo's sister also claimed Brown was "obsessed" and "in love" with him.

"It wasn't him," she said. "He talked about how weird the b*tch was."

Did Echo admit to grooming Millie Bobby Brown?

Viewers of the Instagram live were disgusted, insisting Echo had groomed Millie Bobby Brown and calling him a pedophile and a felon.

One person commenting on the live wrote “imagine being a grown adult and dating a kid. Groomer,” to which Echo responded, “Yeah, no I groomed her,” followed by a wide grin as he started down his viewers.


Whether or not that was a true admission of guilt or a sarcastic quip is now the subject of some debate.

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Echo insisted he will never offer an apology because has nothing to apologize for.

It’s all despicable, and many are calling to cancel and deplatform him, but Echo says he has nothing to feel sorry for.

“You guys don’t know anything,” Echo said to his viewers. “You guys are just following after one person saying one thing like, ‘Oh, everybody hate him,’ so then everyone’s going to hate me.”

He went on to express that he will not apologize for anything.


“I will never apologize, I hope you know that," he said. "I have nothing to apologize for, so make that clear. I have zero things to apologize for.”

He also said he knew a lot of people were probably laughing with him on his instagram live, but there seem to have been no comments in support of him, or at least, very few.

Are Hunter Echo and Millie Bobby Brown still dating?

Millie Bobby Brown and Hunter Echo broke up some time in 2020 and are no longer a couple.

The last pictures of the two together were taken on New Years Eve 2020, when Millie was still 16. The now 17-year-old star has moved on since, and is currently believed to be dating Jake Bongiovi, the 19-year-old son of singer Jon Bon Jovi.


Brown hasn’t commented on the matter yet, and Echo doesn’t believe that she ever will.

"Millie will never address it because she's a coward," he said.

Echo also asserts there is no lawsuit pending and never will be, since, as mentioned above, her parents were aware of the situation and he claims he didn’t do anything illegal.

We don't know enough about where they were when they lived together, how their relationship came to be, or the nature of what happened between them, but the morality of a 20-year-old dating a 16-year-old isn't something many feel lies in within grey area.

After reps for Millie Bobby Brown did, in fact, address it, and his Instagram account was deleted, Echo has, in fact, apologized.

Speaking on behalf of Brown, an unnamed representative blasted Echo for his comments.


"Mr. Ecimovic’s remarks on social media are not only dishonest, but also are irresponsible, offensive and hateful. Instead of engaging in a public discourse with him through the press or on social media, we are taking action to ensure that he stops this behavior once and for all," the source said in a statement to TMZ.

Though the type of action they intend to take was not specified, Echo seems to have heard them loud and clear, suddenly realizing he actually does have some things to apologize for.

In an apology video he posted on TikTok, Echo said he should never have done the live and had been drunk when he did.


"I wanted to address the livestream incident that happened. It should have never happened in the first place. That was a stupid idea on my part to think it was gonna be OK to just continue to go live as it was getting more and more negative in the comments.

"I put up a livestream for about two to three hours, and in those two to three hours I was getting more and more drunk... After I kept seeing how negative the comments were and hearing or seeing whatever people were saying to me, when they don't know about anything, like ever, it was getting me more and more irritated... so then I became more careless, and I said stuff that should have never been said.

"But my natural instinct when I see people doing that kind of stuff, or when I see what people are saying, I'm like, OK, let's make it way worse and let's antagonize, which is so stupid. But that's how I decided to handle it."

He then went on to say people have been choosing to share of "certain parts of it" on social media "because people are trying to make it ten times worse," going on to claim there are stories that are "not correct, never said," and that "it's all being fabricated."


It's hard to understand what may have been fabricated, given the clips being shared are of him speaking, but OK.

"I am sorry for doing that live show. I should have ended it the moment it started getting bad," he concluded. "I just want you to know that I'm not OK with what I said. I'm not trying to justify it at all."

Throughout the TikTok, Echo did not offer an apology of any kind to Brown.

And as for the Instagram account that started this all rolling, exposinghunterecho has since been deleted.

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