6 Awkward New Details About Millie Bobby Brown And Jacob Sartorius' Relationship, Including Rumors He Cheated

Are they still together? Stranger things have happened.

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Who is Millie Bobby Brown dating? Millie Bobby Brown is the youngest person to make this year's Time 100 list, a gauge of the most influential people on the planet. You probably know her as Eleven, the girl with eerie powers and a serious obsession with Eggo waffles on Stranger Things. She’s won a Screen Actor’s Guild award and an MTV award, has been on the cover of Teen Vogue, Interview and Variety, and is, in general, everyone’s favorite young badass.  


So who is Millie Bobby Brown dating? She could surely could have her pick of young Hollywood. But the answer is a bit surprising: she’s been with tween heartthrob and lip syncer extraordinaire Jacob Sartorius for about five months now. Here are 6 things you didn't know about the couple, including whether Jacob cheated on Millie:

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1. Jacob got his start on Vine and became a huge star on Musical.ly.

Jacob Sartorious got popular for anti-bullying messages on Vine prior to its untimely demise. He managed to transition very well onto Musical.ly, where he has 20 million fans. Thanks to watching him lip sync, we all know he's got moves like Jagger and hair like Elmo but unlike a lot of kids on Musical.ly, Jacob has real singing chops too. His song "Sweatshirt" made it onto the Billboard Hot 100. He was also the 9th most-Googled musician of 2016, right behind Kanye West.


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2. It seems Jacob has a wandering eye.

Last week, a Twitter user claimed Jacob asked for nudes of his friend after bumping into them on the street. That proved to be fake, but then multiple Snapchat videos of Jacob asking for nudes surfaced, including one from from his "By Your Side" music video costar Morgan Cryer.

3. But Millie’s sticking with him.

Millie's first response was to delete all pics of Jacob from her Instagram, making it seem like it was game over. Then a few days later, she posted this picture with no caption and comments turned off, a statement that they're still together. Clearly she's feeling confident in her ability to keep him on track ... as long as she just rides piggyback everywhere he goes.



4. They've both used the L word.

Before going public with their relationship, Millie and Jacob were known for leaving flirty comments to each other on Instagram and Twitter. So it's only fitting that once they were open about being a couple, they were REALLY open. Jacob wrote a sweet birthday post for Millie and ended it with "I love you and miss you," to which Millie responded, "I love you so much." Ah, kids these days. So sweet.



5. Millie’s first kiss wasn’t Jacob.

It was Finn Wolfhard, on the set of "It was weird," she told Studio 10 Australia, "but it was fine." Millie said kissing Finn was easy because they're such close friends, so it was better than having to kiss a total stranger.

6. Jacob has been open about his struggle with anxiety.

He’s talked about feeling alone and anxious "almost every day of my life," and quotes Dear Evan Hansen: "Today you’re you and that’s enough." Fans say Jacob succumbed to an anxiety attack last week. He was supposed to do a meet-and-greet before a concert but fans kept shouting questions about him cheating on Millie. Jacob freaked and ran out before answering anything. The meet-and-greet was canceled, but he did perform his set.


Poor guy. Obviously Jacob’s been more than a little cavalier with his Snaps, and his actions were really pretty cruel to Millie. But he’s also only 15, and has a lot of growing up to do. At the end of the day, I feel like there’s a hidden sense of maturity in both Millie and Jacob, and maybe that's what draws Millie and Jacob together. Let’s wish 'em the best!

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