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Homeless Man With 'Kim Kardashian Ruined My Life' Sign Claims The Billionaire Met With Him, Stole His Business Idea & Profited Off Him

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David Liebensohn, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is facing backlash and a lawsuit for allegedly stealing another idea. She has been accused of scamming her almost-business partner, David Liebensohn, with her Kimoji app.

Kardashian's app, Kimoji, which was first released in December 2015, features Kim Kardasian-themed pictograms and was a top seller on the Apple App Store.

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While the venture has been lucrative for the now-billionaire, the man who claims he invented the app has been sidelined in the process.

David Liebensohn, who is now homeless, claims Kim Kardashian stole his idea for Kimoji and 'ruined' his life.

In recent weeks, video and photos have resurfaced of a man believed to be David Liebensohn placing “kimkardashianruinedmylife.com” signs around LA.



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According to the website, Liebensohn is living in his car as he reels from the failed legal action he took against Kardashian. According to the website — and a lawsuit dropped by Liebensohn in 2019 — the reality TV star first met Liebensohn in 2014 when she was interested in investing in his other app Censorgram. 

Liebensohn has even shared screenshots of Kardashian's close friend Jonathan Cheban reaching out about a possible deal. 

Liebensohn alleges that he and his partners met with Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner, in Calabasas where they discussed a series of “Kimojis” which were a set of animated emojis and GIFs of the Kardashian family. The 2019 lawsuit claimed Kardashian loved the idea and promised to work together as a team, cutting a 60/40 deal, but she allegedly insisted on filing the trademarks for the project herself. 

“She is a bully,” Liebensohn told PageSix in 2019. “She stole my life’s work. No one should have to go through what I have in the past four and a half years since I met her.”

According to Kardashian's team, Liebensohn's other partners signed a settlement agreement back in 2014 that should have ended the legal back and forth but he refused.

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Liebensohn is now allegedly on the streets fighting to get his dues from Kim Kardashian.

Signs across LA have fans flocking to Liebensohn's website where he claims the fallout of Kimoji has made him suffer financially. "Seeing their empire grow more and more each year, has been triggering, as this family is impossible to avoid in this Kardashian-infested world," the site reads.



"I lost all the money I invested in the patent and wasted hundreds of thousands on legal fees. The situation leveled me financially and I was never able to get back on the trajectory I was on prior to dealing with Kim and Kris," the homepage continues. "I'm currently sacrificing a comfortable living situation to sleep in my car, while working 3 jobs, to spread my message. I've never stopped thinking about what I could do to hold them accountable and get my life back."

"I decided it's time for me to finally share this story that's been eating me alive for years and hopefully find a light at the end of the tunnel."

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