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Harry Styles Fans Spot Olivia Wilde On An Alleged 'Banned List' Issued To His Concert Security

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Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde

As Harry Styles finishes up the Los Angeles run of his Love On Tour residencies, eagle-eyed fans spotted one particular person who may not be welcome at his shows— ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

Styles, 29, and Wilde, 38, first went public with their relationship in January 2021 after meeting on the set of Wilde's sophomore directorial project "Don’t Worry Darling," in which Styles starred. 

Wilde split from fiancé Jason Sudeikis in November 2020. 

The "As It Was" singer and the actress were widely reported to be taking a "break" in November 2022 and have been apart ever since. Now, fans suspect that a reconciliation won't be on the horizon if Styles' concert blacklist is anything to go by!

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Harry Styles’ fans noticed Olivia Wilde’s photograph on an alleged ‘banned list’ issued to his concert security.

An image of what fans believe is a security guard on Styles' "Love On Tour" world tour with a piece of printed paper has gone viral on TikTok.

Eagle-eyed fans zooming in on the paper spotted a familiar face that they believe to be Wilde.



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The image that appears on the list is strikingly similar to a photo Wilde shared on her Instagram account in November 2021 — in the height of her relationship with Styles.

The 38-year-old posed for the photo on the night she sat front row at Gucci “Love Parade” fashion show — the Italian fashion house has a famously close connection to Styles who often sports their designs. 

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However, without any evidence that the paper really is a list of banned people, fans also theorized other scenarios.

The list could also be an all-access list — this theory would hold up since Wilde was a regular at her ex-boyfriend's show prior to their split. 

However, other fans are doubling down. 

TikTok user McKenna Maureen responded to speculation that Wilde's image is featured on a list permitting her backstage by saying, “I can almost guarantee that is incorrect.”

“I have worked for the LA Rams and done major sporting events, and what they always do is, they have a printout of what all the different badges look like because your badge gives you different access to different areas.”



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“If you do a printout of a face, it changes so rapidly, people get added, taken off, and that just doesn’t work for that, and there’s just a lot of room for error,” McKenna continued. “But if you do a badge, it’s very cut and clear. I can almost guarantee that’s what the form does, as well.” 

“So that is not an all-access list. That is probably a banned list,” she stated. 

Other commenters agreed with the assessment. 

“It literally has a black bar,” noted one commenter. “That’s a blacklist.”

“I work in the music industry and it’s all the same. That’s definitely a blacklist,” said another commenter.

While some believe that the list isn’t real, other fans are still “living for it,” as TikTok user californiasunlouis said in comments to their post.

Wilde will “never be seen at another one of his concerts, ever,” the same user stated.

Whether or not the list is real, Styles’ fans seem to support the decision to ban Wilde from shows.

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