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A Man's Boss Stole His Super Bowl Tickets To Schmooze A Client — So He Got His Client To Help Him Get Revenge

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A football fan on Reddit is being called a hero for the way he got revenge on his boss after he stole his Super Bowl tickets.

Posting to the "r/ProRevenge" subReddit, a forum where people share their best revenge stories, he detailed how the situation went down—and how he won out in the end.

In his post, the man wrote that he is a huge fan of the NFL'S San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers were hoping to play the Kansas City Chiefs in this year's Super Bowl LVII on February 12, 2023 at Glendale, Arizona's State Farm Stadium, but they were knocked out by the Philadelphia Eagles.

But the 49ers did make it to the Super Bowl back in 2020, and for that game the football fan actually had much-coveted tickets on the 30-yard line—until he didn't.

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The NFL fan's boss stole his Super Bowl tickets after they were gifted to him by a client at their job.

As the type of fan he self-describes as "the rabid all-day tailgate in the parking lot type," the Redditor was dying to go to the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami.

But tickets being thousands of dollars, the trip was out of reach. 

Shortly after the 2020 Super Bowl came and went, the football fan met with a client he'd grown very close to, who asked him why he hadn't gone to the big game.

The fan was instantly confused. "What game?" he asked. 

The client then told him he had gifted him two tickets to the Super Bowl as a thank-you for a job well done, but that "someone else was in your seats."

Confusion ensued as the client realized the tickets never made it to the football fan and asked him to ask around the office to find out what happened.

It turned out the client had given the tickets to the football fan's boss, whom he sarcastically nicknamed "Di-kheadPartner," to give to the football fan as a surprise.

Instead, Di-kheadPartner kept the tickets and re-gifted them to a client of his own as a way of kissing up.

The football fan was, of course, furious, but "realized it was the client who had noticed I wasn't there in the first place, so if I let him handle it, there would be no blowback on me."

So, he let his client know what had happened. The client was very angry, and assured the football fan he'd handle the situation.

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When the client found out the Super Bowl tickets were stolen, he called a special meeting to discuss it.

The client even flew the football fan and his boss to another city for the meeting.

And when they arrived, it turned out the client "had orchestrated a wonderfully awkward little show to catch him red-handed."

The client had called in a Vice President of the company who'd attended the Super Bowl in adjacent seats, and introduced her to the football fan as someone "you...already know from the Super Bowl."

Confusion of course ensued since the VP had noticed strangers in the seats nearby her.

And soon the Di-kheadPartner was trying to cover his tracks by saying that since the football fan couldn't attend, he gave the tickets away.

But after getting a wink from his client, the football fan refused to play along—and the truth of the stolen tickets quickly came out.

And it turned out the VP wasn't a VP at all and hadn't even been at the game—she was just an employee the client asked to participate in his scheme to out Di-kheadPartner's theft.

In the end, the client demanded Di-ckheadPartner compensate him for the Super Bowl tickets—which cost well over $10,000.

And the football fan looked like a model employee for "saving" the client after Di-kheadPartner's theft nearly cost their company the client's account.

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Commenters were impressed with the revenge scheme and were glad the football fan's boss got what he deserved for stealing the Super Bowl tickets.

One user wrote, "The level of orchestration and execution on this revenge was so perfect, though. Suck it, Di-kheadPartner!"

Others couldn't believe Di-kheadPartner would do something so ill-advised. As one commenter put it, "how could he not think that the client would ask [the football fan] about the game after?"

Fellow NFL fans were particularly shocked by the story. One user said, "As a 49er fan who will probably never see a Superbowl live, I lived this whole story vicariously through you."

Another chimed in to say they were glad Di-kheadPartner got his comeuppance because they would never get over a theft like this.

"I'd be up randomly at 3 am 7 years later thinking 'man FU-K that guy'," they wrote.

Another user joked, "I hope Di-kheadPartner wakes up with dog sh-t in his shoes in the morning for the rest of his life."

No doubt the football fan will be thinking the same thing while watching this year's Super Bowl on February 12!

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