Grandmother Of 11 Hosts Week-Long Summer Camp With Homemade Trophies & Activities — 'They Never Want To Leave'

As a grandparent, you get to deal with the fun parts of parenting, but this grandmother went above and beyond.

grandmother and her grandkids @vyckigaines / TikTok

There are two types of grandmothers in this world: the type that feels like they have raised their kids and their job is done, and the kind of grandma that loves their grandchildren even more fiercely than they loved their own kids.

But one sweet grandma, known lovingly as 'Narnie,' took time out from living her best life to give her 11 grandkids the ultimate summer surprise.

In a TikTok video shared by a woman named Vyctoria Gaines — and captioned, “So Blessed that mine and my sisters’ children are able to experience this kind of love from our mom. She kept all of her grandbabies for the week and called it 'Narnie Camp'" — she revealed that her mom made a full schedule, menu, and awards for all of her grandkids, exclaiming that the "kids had a blast.” 




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Grandma’s summer camp was complete with organized activities and planned meals. Anyone who has children knows how hard it is to keep up with meals and activities, and the associated costs, but Grandma Narnie put us all to shame by planning the summer fun for her daughters’ children meticulously.


The video started with Will Smith’s song, "Summertime," playing in the background as children cheered and a sign that read “Welcome to Camp Narnie” was displayed. Next, viewers got a sneak peak at the menu, the daily schedule, and a list of indoor and outdoor activities for the children to participate in.

With activities that could rival any water park, like trampolines, bouncy houses, pools, and racing, it’s hard to imagine any one of the matriarch’s grandkids not having the time of their life at her camp.

As the children gathered around the dining room table, Narnie handed out trophies that the little ones had earned over the week-long summer camp, but not before giving the kids a speech about what they had done well and what they could improve on. As they accepted the awards, her grandchildren clapped and cheered excitedly.

Watching the kids’ happiness about the meaningful gesture easily takes you back to a time of innocence and unconditional love.


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Narnie’s children and grandchildren showed her how much they appreciated her.

With a seemingly infinite supply of love to give, it’s hard to imagine anyone not treasuring such and thoughtful grandmother. On her birthday, not long after summer camp, Grandma Narnie shared a video on her own TikTok account detailing what her daughters and grandchildren did to celebrate her.



It all started with a trip to the nail salon where she got a pedicure. Then the family joined her out for a meal at home to commemorate another year with her in their lives. They sang "Happy Birthday" as her granddaughter smooched her cheek and she opened her card.


Unwilling to be left out, all of the other grandchildren crowded around to shower their precious grandmother with hugs and kisses. In the end, Narnie’s 68th birthday was a success.

But the retired grandmother doesn’t just show love on summer breaks and birthdays. A quick look at her TikTok account reveals that she has an unbreakable bond with her children and grandchildren, showing them affection and being present for every important moment in their lives.

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Every child should experience the unconditional love of a grandparent.

It’s easy to focus on yourself and see your grandchildren when it is easy or convenient, but this woman has sacrificed her time and likely her peace of mind at times, to build a beautiful connection with her children’s children. That requires a level of patience, understanding, and selflessness that most of us could not fathom.


But beyond the feel-good emotions we get from seeing the interaction between this grandmother and her grandchildren, there are some viable benefits to such a close relationship. Studies show that children who spend quality time with grandparents are at a decreased risk for emotional and behavioral issues and show an elevated level of emotional intelligence.

For the grandparents who spend time with their grandkids, they have the opportunity to stay more active, leading to better health, staying mentally sharp, staving off loneliness, and tending to be generally happier than elders who are isolated and lonely. And let’s not forget that these bonds can help to bridge the gap between generations.

Grandparents should be treasured while they are still here, and this family is doing a wonderful job of appreciating theirs. We could all learn a lesson in love and compassion from this amazing woman and her offspring.


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