Father Seeks Advice After Catching His Wife Telling His Son That He Is Not Really Her Child

It's difficult to imagine how that child must feel.

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A household with children that aren't biologically related to both parents can be a complicated one.

Coming into a child’s life and being a parental figure without having that biological connection is one of the noblest and kindest acts that a person can do but that doesn't mean everyone navigates it properly.

A man having difficulty navigating this situation took to Reddit to seek advice after learning what his wife told his son.


He canceled his family’s Mother’s Day plans after overhearing a conversation between his wife and son.

He says that he is a widower who has a 13-year-old. He explains that his son is quite quiet but that it isn’t anything concerning.

The man married a woman who had a child herself, a 16-year-old girl and the four of them live together as a family.

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The wife and daughter are both, comparatively, outgoing, and their attempts to get the OP’s son to be more outgoing himself only served to irritate the 13-year-old. After a simple conversation and a few apologies, it seemed as though the situation was resolved, but everything came to a head right before Mother’s Day 2022.


His wife tried to get his son to convince his father to let him stay home from the Mother’s Day celebration.

Apparently, the man's son didn’t quite fit into the wife’s perfect picture of her family, so she decided to use his introversion to try and exclude him from the event.

The man had planned a Mother’s Day celebration and invited the wife’s side of the family, and when she thought that the man wasn’t around, the man writes that she made her move.

According to the man, his wife, “was asking my son if he could convince me to let him stay home and not go with them to the restaurant to celebrate.”

He overheard the conversation and decided to continue to listen. When pressed by the 13-year-old boy as to why she wanted him to stay home, she allegedly said, “his introverted and socially inept ‘attitude’ will make her family uncomfortable and will ruin the mood.”


When the son didn’t agree with her, the wife said that she wasn’t really his mother.

After saying that he would behave, the OP says that “she snapped and told him that technically, she's not his mom so she didn't get why he wanted to celebrate mother's day with her so badly.”

Needless to say, the man was displeased that his wife would talk to her step-son and his son like that and called off the whole event. The wife tried to argue, but the man didn’t budge. Now the wife has gone off to stay with relatives and hasn’t reached back out since.

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Commenters are in agreement with the man's decision.

Redditors have made their opinions clear on this one, saying that the OP is NTA (not the asshole) in the situation and that they are happy that he did the right thing.


It’s unclear what exactly will happen between the OP and his wife after this, but hopefully the son is well and wasn’t too hurt by the wife’s words.

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