Dad Asks If He's Wrong For Refusing To Pay For Daughter's Fourth Wedding — After Contributing $20K For The Others

Fourth time isn't the charm for him.

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After making a rather blunt statement toward his daughter in regard to her upcoming wedding, a father went to Reddit to find out whether or not he was wrong for saying what he said.

He posted about the incident on the subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA), a place where people go to ask for opinions on how they handled a certain situation.

The father decided that he would not be helping his daughter pay for her fourth wedding.

Over the course of seven years, his 32-year-old daughter has been through three divorces and mothered a child with her third husband.


“She got married at 25 to the love of her life. I [gave] her $15,000 as help for the wedding. [The] marriage lasted 3 years,” the 57-year-old father explained in the post.

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“She married the love of her life when she was 30. I [gave] her $5,000 for a much smaller more intimate wedding. [The] marriage lasted one year.”


Immediately, you can recognize the pattern, although the third marriage did go a little differently.

“She married the guy that got her pregnant while she was married to [number] two,” he explained. “They divorced before my grandson was one.”

He didn’t pay for the third wedding, and it ended very quickly, but now he claims that she’s once again “met the love of her life” and has asked for money for this fourth wedding.

“I said I would help her with the next one,” he wrote in the post.

“Now she is crying to [her] mother calling me an a--hole for not believing in her future,” he continues. “I have managed to stay married for 33 years. It's not that difficult.”


His wife, seemingly in agreement with him, told him that he should just give her some money in order to make peace with their daughter, but he claims it’s a waste.

“Your call. Am I the a--hole for my bad attitude towards my daughter's relationship?” he asked.

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Redditors largely agreed that he was “NTA” (Not the A--hole).

“Was your comment callous? A bit, but that doesn't make it untrue,” reads the top comment. “$20k over three weddings is fine. She can pay her own way now.”

$20,000 is a lot of money — money that most people can’t just throw around on a whim for one-off marriages.


No matter how harsh his comment was, he’s completely in the right.

She claimed twice that her partner was the love of her life, and they both ended in the same way — divorce.

Why would he believe that this fourth marriage would be any different?

“I think your daughter likes the idea of a wedding more than staying married. NTA,” another Redditor wrote.

This was a sentiment shared by many — that she cares more about the ceremony than actually working to keep the marriage a successful one.

Others joked about the situation, noticing a correlation between the amount of money he’s spent on her weddings and the amount of time they were together.


“Your daughter's marriage success seems to be in direct proportion to the amount you contribute to her weddings, where 1 year = 5K,” one user pointed out. 

“If I'm right, for her next marriage to last as long as your own, you need to invest $165,000. NTA. Thank me later.”

He has yet to respond to these claims but did acknowledge that he did not pay $140,000 for his son’s wedding as he has been married to his wife for 14 years.

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