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Woman Who Cheated On Boyfriend Asks If Her Reasons For Refusing To Give Him His Stuff Back Are Justified

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A 23-year-old female wanted to know if she was wrong for not mailing her ex-boyfriend’s belongings back to him. 

She posted her story on Reddit’s “r/AmItheA-–hole” (AITA) subreddit, a community where folks can find out if they are indeed the “a-–hole” in a certain situation. 

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She revealed that she wouldn't mail his belongings back after cheating on him.

The post began with the 23-year-old describing the reason why her relationship ended with her ex, Mike, “There was [a miscommunication] and I ended up cheating on him with a friend.”

So, because they were in a “mid-distance” relationship, Mike found out through a mutual friend about the cheating.

She continued the post by assuring viewers that she knew she was wrong for cheating, “but this isn’t about that.”

The second portion of the post began with her talking about how Mike had “left a few of his things” at her house, and he wanted them back.

Mike asked her if she wanted to meet halfway to grab his things, but she refused.

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She said it would take hours to drive to the ex-boyfriend's house.

“Why should I travel for hours to drop his things off?" she asked.

“He also said that because he spent so much money visiting me toward the end of our relationship,” she continued.

She explains that she couldn't find time to go meet him and that he, through his own choice, would visit her and claimed that he was fine with it.

As a result, she doesn't think that she should be expected to spend her time and money to bring his stuff for him.

She was venting to her friends about the conflict and they believed that it was “a selfish thing [for her] to do.”

The post ended with her emphasis on the ex-boyfriend paying for the costs of mailing the items.

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Redditors were not on her side for refusing to give her ex's things back.

Many readers commented that the woman who posted the story was the “a-–hole,” assigning the "You're The A--hole" (YTA) rating to her story.

One user said, “It’s his stuff, you cheated, he’s only asking you to mail them (you can mail with insurance) be a nice human and do the right thing. YTA.”

“You’re just making excuses now and trying to get revenge for him ending it even though you cheated.” said another.

“Let me get this right. You cheat on him then rob him? The LEAST you could do to show any ounce of being a good person is return his stuff, even if you’re too lazy to do so.”

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