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Bride Cancels Makeup Artist Because She's 'Ok With Being Not Married With Kids' — And Wants Her Deposit Back

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A birde's Facebook post in which she vents about the reasons she cancels the makeup artist she had booked for her wedding and demanded a refund of her deposit is being slammed after it was reposted on Reddit.

A Reddit user shared the post to the subreddit "Wedding Shaming" where users debate bridezillas, groomzillas and the most ridiculous wedding demands.

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The bride refused to have her makeup done by an unwed mother.

She starts by saying, “I booked a hair and makeup artist based on her clear talent, decades of experience, excellent reviews, and popularity.”

She then tells readers that after she had a “trial” she decided she didn’t like the woman’s personality, the way she talks, although she comes well-recommended.

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In detailing exactly what she didn’t like about the makeup artist, she says “I just didn’t click, and we have different lifestyles. I don’t like her lifestyle.”

You would think the woman was a drug user or some kind of abuser, but the big issue for the poster is that she has children and is not married. She let it be known that her marital status didn’t sit well.

The bridezilla went on to tell Facebook that the makeup artist also refused to do contouring on her face because she didn’t think it would look good. She did admit that outside of that, the makeup and hair were “done really good.”

Another complaint she shared was that the makeup artist took too long to reply to messages and emails. Her expected response time wasn’t given but she did say, “I have a desk job and I reply to everyone within an hour.”

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She couldn’t get past what she saw as red flags so ended up canceling the service. She had paid a deposit of 50% of the total cost and wants it back to apply toward other wedding costs.

The makeup artist rejected her request, telling her the deposit was non-refundable. She let the future wife know that it would be used to cover missed business opportunities.

The two women also disagree on whether or not the cancellation was justified. Now the bride is turning to her fellow Facebook users to ask if she should get a refund or not.

While we don't know what advice Facebook had for the bride, Reddit was not very sympathetic.

The first comment was upvoted 4,500 times and filled with sarcasm. The user stated, “My job, which requires being on the computer all day, allows me to message back immediately.”

But they weren’t done with her yet. They continued, “This lady, whose job requires working with her hand all day, cannot message me back immediately. Also, I want my nonrefundable deposit back… because I want it! I am very sympathetic.”

Another person added to that sentiment, commenting, “My job involves a lot of traveling, public speaking, and animal care. I'm lucky if I am able to get back to someone within a few hours. What little downtime I have is often spent doing administrative tasks.”

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