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Eva Longoria Offers A Candid Glimpse At What Getting Ready For A Hollywood Event Really Looks Like

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Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, who first earned recognition for her portrayal of Gabrielle Solis on the popular series "Desperate Housewives," has become a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry. From being an actress, producer, director, and activist, Longoria has cultivated a longstanding and fulfilling career.

The 48-year-old actress also shares snippets of her life on social media platforms, especially TikTok, and in a recent video, Longoria shared a candid glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes whenever a celebrity is getting ready for a glamorous Hollywood night out.

Longoria shared a glimpse at what getting ready for a Hollywood event actually looks like.

In the 20-second clip Longoria posted to her TikTok account, the "Grand Hotel" actress showed the team helping her get glammed for a Hollywood red carpet.

Longoria sits on a chair as a hairstylist braids up her hair before sewing in weave. It's not just one hairstylist, but several who surround Longoria with different tools and products.



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Seemingly in her home, Longoria sits while people work on her hair. As that's happening, a table is spread out with different makeup products, and Longoria is seen doing her own makeup at one point before other people step in and take over. The glam routine didn't stop there as Longoria was also getting her nails professionally done too.

"What you don't see before a red carpet," Longoria captioned the video. 

Longoria might be sharing more of these types of videos in the future, especially after it was recently announced that she was joining the cast of "Only Murders in the Building," for season 4. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Longoria will appear as a recurring character who becomes integral to the twists and turns of the season’s investigation. The rest of her storyline is being kept under wraps.

Longoria is the second character to be announced for the comedy's upcoming season, joining Molly Shannon, who will portray a high-powered Los Angeles businesswoman, who finds herself drawn into the world of Sazz Pataki’s (Jane Lynch) murder investigation.

Apart from Longoria's illustrious acting career, she has also been extremely vocal about the double standard in Hollywood, especially for Latina women, during the making of her directorial debut film. 

Longoria emphasized that while men in Hollywood are allowed to fail, Latina women are not allowed the same grace.

Speaking at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival during her Kering Women in Motion talk, the "Desperate Housewives" actress spoke about making her directorial debut with "Flamin' Hot," an inspirational story about a Frito-Lay janitor who invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

As a female director, Longoria said she "felt the weight of my community" and "the weight of every female director" when production started on "Flamin’ Hot," according to NBC News.

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"The problem is if this movie fails, people go, 'Oh Latino stories don’t work… female directors really don’t cut it.' We don’t get a lot of at-bats. A white male can direct a $200 million film, fail, and get another one. That’s the problem. I get one at-bat, one chance, work twice as hard, twice as fast, twice as cheap," Longoria said.

Longoria was adamant about making "Flamin' Hot" an inspirational story about Latinos with characters that resembled her own family. "Twenty-eight percent of ticket buyers at the box office are Latino," she said.

"Your film will not succeed if you don’t have the Latino audience. Do you know how many Latinos showed up for 'Crazy Rich Asians'? Do you know how many Latinos bought a ticket for 'Fast and the Furious'? We over-index at moviegoing, so why shouldn’t there be content for us if we are the ticket buyers?"

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Longoria added, "We’re still underrepresented in front of the camera, we’re still underrepresented behind the camera, we’re still not tapping into the females of the Latino community... We were at 7% in TV and film, now we’re at 5%, so the myth that Hollywood is so progressive is a myth when you look at the data."

The point is that representation matters.

Whether it's breaking down unrealistic beauty standards or demanding inclusivity in film and TV production, seeing the real world reflected back at you matters.

Eva Longoria, by sharing her life without a filter and speaking out about the double standard in Hollywood for Latinos and women, is tearing down the facade of glitz and glamour Tinseltown likes to convey. There's beauty in diversity, and artists like Longoria are working hard to make sure the true color of Hollywood and its audiences shines through.

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