Drake's 'Psychotic' $965K Super Bowl Bets Could Be A Continuation Of 'Drake's Curse' — The Bad Luck That Has Made Him Lose Big Before

Drizzy went all out for Super Bowl Sunday.

Drake, Stake Super Bowl Bets Instagram

Drake announced his bets for Super Bowl Sunday on Instagram, and his predictions have fans debating his gambling skills.

Drake, 35, placed seven pricey bets on the big game, which will take place Sunday, February 12, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona, between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Hotline Bling singer spent $965,000 on Superbowl bets.

Most of his game-day predictions have the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, despite the fact that the Eagles are favored to win by 1.5 points.


Drake's behavior has often been called into question, and it appears that even he believes this financial decision to be "psychotic." 

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Drake posted his bets to Instagram with the caption ‘My psychotic bets for Sunday are in @stake.’

“Please do not analyze the logic behind these bets,” Drake wrote. “There is none.”

Drake wagered $700,000 on the Chiefs to win the championship.


He also placed smaller bets, wagering $50,000 on Patrick Mahomes and Juju Smith-Schuster scoring the first Chiefs touchdown. 

He placed another $50,000 on the Chiefs winning both halves of the game, and he put down an additional $30,000 on the Chiefs winning each quarter.

Drake bet $25,000 on Travis Kelce being named MVP and $60,0000 on a tight end winning the award for Most Valuable Player.

No tight end had ever been named Super Bowl MVP, making Drake’s bet a risky one to take.

Drake’s reputation for wild bets precedes him.

Drake's propensity for betting on losing teams has been deemed “Drake’s Curse.”

One example of Drake’s wild gambling habits was his December 2022 decision to put $1 million on Argentina defeating France in the World Cup final in regulation. He lost that bet when Argentina beat France in a penalty shoot-out after extra time.


As far as Super Bowl Sunday goes, if all of Drake’s bets land, he could walk away from the game with $4.5 million.

While placing almost $1 million on Super Bowl bets seems lofty for mere mortals, that amount doesn’t mean much to the Canadian rapper.

Drake’s net worth in 2023 has been reported at $250 million.

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Fans commented on Drake’s Super Bowl Sunday bets, with many people believing that he’s holding out for the wrong team.

“Should’ve never bet against the Eagle,” wrote one commenter.

“Fly, Eagles, fly,” said another.

Those who agreed with Drake’s bets put the fire emoji in their comments.


“No logic, just vibes,” wrote one of Drake’s Instagram followers.

Drake placed his bets with Stake, which advertises itself as “The World’s Leading Betting Platform.”

With 481,000 followers on Instagram, Stake is unavailable in the United States, but that restriction poses no problem for Drake, who hails from Toronto, Canada.


Some fans were doubtful of Drake’s bets. 

“Since we’re just deciding to give money away on a losing team, I’ll send you my student loan balance to handle,” wrote one commenter on Stake’s post.

One commenter noted the “marketing scheme of things here,” stating that “Stake wants y’all to bet the same way “Drake” bets.” 


“In reality, it ain’t even Drake's money, Stake pays him to use his name because of his influence,” said the skeptical Stake commenter. 

"So y’all put your money down just like he supposedly did, so that Stake makes more profit at the end.” 

The American Gaming Association expects 50.4 million Americans to make at least one bet on the Super Bowl for this year.

Over $16 billion is expected to be wagered on Sunday’s big game between the Chiefs and the Eagles.

Drake might not win big with his wagers on the Chiefs, but a losing bet won’t actually impact his level of wealth.

Only time will tell if “Drake’s Curse” is in play for Super Bowl Sunday.


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