Leonardo DiCaprio's True Feelings About Marriage & Having Kids Contradicts Everything We Thought About His Love Life

Have things changed?

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life has always been in the spotlight, and as such, we’ve been given some clues on how he feels about marriage and having kids over the years.

The 48-year-old bachelor and “Titanic” star seems to have his romantic life cut out for him — dating someone new every other month — but does he have what it takes to tie the knot and settle for the long haul?

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Does Leonardo DiCaprio want kids?

None of the actors many romances have resulted in him becoming a father but DiCaprio once said settling down and having a family is in his plans

Leonardo DiCaprio has said that he wants to get married and have children.

Young and in love at 33 years old with a then-23-year-old Israeli model, Bar Refaeli, DiCaprio had a conversation with Parade, via People, in October 2008 where he revealed his true feelings for marriage.

“I want to get married and have children,” he told the publication. “In saying that, I realize I am contradicting everything I’ve said before. I absolutely believe in marriage.”


According to People, he has professed in the past that he feels “few emotions,” has “never been in love” and “does not believe in marriage,” but this changed everything we knew about him before.

He claimed that he had finally realized “how little of my life has been lived normally and not spent on some far-off movie location,” and how he wished to make his life about more than just his career.

Younger DiCaprio seemed to have some grand aspirations, but just a couple of years later, his conversation with the German publication OK in February 2010 steered the public to a different opinion.

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Leonardo DiCaprio claimed that he was ‘too busy for kids.’

He told the publication that he was far too busy with work and his career to be able to think about having children and made it sound like that time would come in the distant future.

“I'm not that old, my biological clock isn't ticking yet,” he said. “I'd like to leave it to fate if and when I'm going to be a father. A part of me has too many professional plans to even seriously consider it. When I see the children in my family though, the idea of having children doesn't seem too far-fetched.”

DiCaprio doesn’t seem completely opposed to having kids but mentions that his career would always come first.

“In this business, nothing is as dangerous and as feared as loneliness,” he said. “You shoot films in the most remote areas of the world; you're separated from your family and your friends.”


Were he to have kids or a girlfriend or even a wife, it would be hard to manage it all at the same time, so he has opted for the love of acting over the love of parenting.

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Climate change might have also changed DiCaprio’s mind about having a family.

Although DiCaprio has been making philanthropic movements toward saving the planet since 1998, he has gradually become much more outspoken about his thoughts on the growing threat of climate change.

Not only has his participation in climate activism increased over the years, but the need to lower the planet’s carbon footprint has increased as well.


According to ClimateScience.org, “Having one fewer child in a wealthy country would reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by 7.8-58.6 tonnes per year over an 80-year lifespan.”

Looking at the bigger picture, these numbers may not seem like a lot, but for someone who is trying his best to fight against climate change, it might make a world of difference. DiCaprio’s focus on his work and career could also mean that he’s taking a vow of solitude in order to save the planet.

However, if this were to actually be the case, he should probably halt his use of private jets and rides on yachts.


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